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  1. BuciboLebo

    Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Please advise on how to get the firmware upgrade image.
  2. BuciboLebo

    Victron BMV 702 total equipment.

    Hi Everyone. I would like advise as to the total inventory of item I should purchase for the successful deployment of a Victron BMV 702. I current have 4 ( 200Ah @ 12V ) batteries connected in series. I intend to double this configuration with identical equipment to the following final setup. (4 X (series) ( 200Ah @ 12V )) + (parallel) (4 X ( 200Ah @ 12V )) for a total capacity of 400Ah @ 48V. As well as the Victron battery monitor, the USB cable for connecting to a ICC powered Raspberry PI, is there additional equipment I should consider.
  3. BuciboLebo

    Pairing AGM and Gel batteries

    Thanks genetlemen for the advise. Highly appreciated.
  4. BuciboLebo

    Pairing AGM and Gel batteries

    I would like to know if it is safe to pair AGM and Gel batteries. I recently built a string of 4 AGM batteries in series. A deal has come my way of 4 gel batteries I intend connect in another series string and connect in parallel with the AGMs if it is safe to do so.
  5. BuciboLebo

    Axpert Inveter and gel batteries.

    I would like to know if Axpert inverters are compatible with batteries. I have gotten a good deal on a bunch of these but am not sure if Axpert understands and can handle them correctly.