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  1. Fuenkli

    Goodwe GW5048D-ES "SOC delta over range" error

    fortunately this is not a problem with a GTI. The power just comes from the grid instead of from the inverter. Did some data research after reading Plonkster's reply. What I found out is that the inverter's SOC calculation is always a bit to optimistic (ok this is only based on measuring the voltage of the batteries because I do not have a BMV). So if I reduce the Battery capacity setting to lets say 350Ah instead of 400Ah maybe the SOC calculation will be more accurate and the error condition will not occur anymore.
  2. Fuenkli

    Goodwe GW5048D-ES "SOC delta over range" error

    thanks Plonkster for the reply. Makes sense what you say. I will just ignore the error message. I hope the shut downs and restarts will not stress the inverter.
  3. my inverter (Goodwe GW5048D-ES) sometimes (+- once a week) shuts down and restarts reporting the error "SOC delta over range. Please check the battery capacity setting and charge voltage setting". It always happens in the morning when the batteries start charging. Goodwe customer support told me that if my battery capacity and charge voltages have been set correctly there is nothing to worry about it and I can ignore the message. The settings are as follows: battery capacity: 400Ah bulk current: 50A (this is the inverter limit although the batteries could take 200A according to the spec sheet) absorb voltage: 57.1V (56.8 measured on batteries) tail current: 4A (1%) tail current time < 4A before going to float: 20 minutes float voltage: 54.6: (54.2 measured on batteries) what do you think causes this error message? What can I do to prevent this from happening? Maybe I can ask the Goodwe engineers what parameters the code uses to determine the fault condition.
  4. Fuenkli

    DB Board laballing

    thank you pilotfish for the information.
  5. Fuenkli

    DB Board laballing

    We are busy separating the DB board into a normal and back up (UPS) section. What are the legal requirements regarding labelling to indicate that the back up (UPS) section will still be live in case of a power failure or if the main switch is switched off? Is it also required to have a visual (light) indicator to show that this section of the DB Board is still live?
  6. what do you regard as a safe maximum discharge rate? The highest battery discharge current I have is 100A on a 400Ah bank. This kind of load usually occurs for only very short periods of time (<1 minute) and only a few times a week. Do you think this is safe or should I change my system to reduce the maximum load on the batteries? The batteries are Lead Carbon VRLA AGM's.
  7. Fuenkli

    midpoint panic

    would it not be easier and quicker to load test the batteries with the inverter? 1. fully charge the batteries 2. Load the inverter until it draws the maximum load from the batteries it is capable off. 3. After lets say 30 minutes (still under maximum load) measure the voltage of every battery
  8. Fuenkli

    Land Expropriation without Compensation - Truth and Fake News

    I do not think that South Africa will ever get to the point where someone's legally obtained property will be taken without some compensation. I am however concerned, that the value of some (most) property will drastically reduce until it is almost not worth selling anymore.
  9. Fuenkli

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    I do not think the electricity supply or the rest of the country for that matter will suddenly collapse. As discussed earlier it looks like we will gradually deteriorate (more and more power outages etc) until we reach the average African level (which is still considerably lower than what we have at the moment). If I were in Plonkster's situation I would however leave now. Unfortunately this is exactly what this country does not need.
  10. Fuenkli

    Cape Town Water Crisis

    same here. 3000l for 2 people. Did not change in the last couple of month. I think they are not reading the meters every month.
  11. Fuenkli

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    just started charging my batteries from the grid. Never done this before. Scary times!
  12. i think very soon the cost per kWh coming out of the batteries will fall substantially below the cost from the grid. The moment this happens all solar systems will have batteries and all the tricks we use at the moment to maximize daytime solar use will be a thing of the past. The only issue will be to optimally size the individual components for the specific application. No more tinkering! It will be boring and a lot of us will have to find a new hobby .
  13. Fuenkli

    Goodwe Hybrid tripping conlog bec44

    maybe we can compile and publish in a thread a list of tripping and non tripping Prepaid meters. I was lucky, my Landis + Gyr CB Wired CIU 20-00582 is not tripping.
  14. Fuenkli

    Goodwe inverter automatic upload to PVOutput

    thanks for the reply Plonkster. Very much appreciated. I always wanted to learn more about Linux and Raspberry Pi (only worked with Arduinos so far). Now i have a good reason to start .
  15. I would like to automate the upload from my Goodwe 5048 ES GTI to the PVOutput.org website (I am doing it manually at the moment). I found this on GitHub https://github.com/markruys/gw2pvo I have only a very basic understanding of programming and do not fully understand how to implement this. Can someone please explain in simple language what I have to do, like required software/hardware etc. The inverter is linked to the Goodwe portal.