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  1. Hi, I am living in Pretoria. I have a flat roof and my solar panels are flat on my roof. 1) At what decrees are solar panels suppose the be installed? 2) What increase in sufficiency can I expect should I increase me solar panel decrees? 3) I have 20 300w solar panels. Due to wind issues, how should I structure my panels? One structure or 5 structures ? 4) Do I need to anchor these structures? If yes, how can I do it, without causing waterleaks?
  2. Thanks Guys for your feedback. I appreciate that.
  3. Hi, I currently have 10 300w solar panels connected to a 5kva Apert (Mercer) invertor. 1) What is the max 300w solar panels can I connect to a 5kva Apert invertor ? 2) Should the max be 12 panels, what advantage might I experience by doing that ? a) batteries will be fully loaded quicker ? (b) I will use lesser Eskom power ? 3) Will the cost of the additional 2 panels out weight the saving on my Eskom account, over a 5 year period ?
  4. Paul Coetzee

    What does these message received from WatchPower software mean

    Thanks Chris.
  5. Hi, I hope you will be able to assist me in the questions below. Below is a screen dump of the messages I am referring to. I would really appreciate your reply on this issue. 1) Is there a list of all the messages the WatchPower Software can issue? 2) What does each of these messages mean? 3) What action does each of these messages require from me? 4) Which messages (E.g "communication lost" and "communication restored") I don't have to worry about ?