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  1. Hi Coulomb, thanks for the reply . I have 2 different models of inverter the 4kv with cooling fins on top (old model i think ) and 5kv i brought on the real cheap that blew up at a work place many year ago (smaller newer model). It appears only the SCC is different between them , (firmware and extra mosfets aside that is,... i guess ) the 5kva is the scrapper for parts as it is corroded away it sections . i have no history of the 4kv given to me dead . many smd parts were shorted / suspect so i am in the process of ordering new components ( pwm controllers ect) im going in deep this thing won't beat me just yet. I have no boot (lights, lcd ,beeps at all ) SMPS 'ish area is my guess . Just trying to get my head around the inner workings . cheers.
  2. kiore22

    Solar panel tracking

    it looks like the panels have affected the ability to steer straight .
  3. Thankyou for the quick response. i have gotten bits and pieces of shems from Coulomb's posts but not what i am looking for . the download i am looking at is , Axpert service manuals 1.0.0 by vandyh I am hoping it what i need . For an Inverter that has been ripped off ,re-spun renamed and yet very popular there is not much detailed info apart from this forum cheers
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    Hi Guys.... and Gals!

    Hi ,has anyone tried INOX battery conditioner . i am very curious to know if it works or not ? . it is about $NZ 10 per bottle/battery . and am skeptical of reviews i have seen
  5. Hi everyone . I live in far north New Zealand and have recently acquired 4x 250w panels , 8x 225ah 6v deep cycle batteries and 2 dead pip 4048 inverter/chargers. I am looking for Full schematics for the pip 4048 I think i have found some schematics in a posting on this forum. however been a newbie i can not download any thing yet until i have posted 5 times. if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated
  6. hi, yeah for some reason Jaycar (NZ) have removed high current DC circuit breakers for their stores ?