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  1. New Infini Super

    Thanks Sidewinder, you called it right, I had 2 manuals on my laptop and I was reading from the wrong one. Rookie mistake. I have another random question for anyone who can help. On the "Solar Power" software, under parameters, my settings have "Parallel for Output" enabled. I'm only running one inverter, so assumed I should change the setting to disable. Whenever I do, there is a click as the settings are changed, and then it shuts down with the "fault 12" message that has been causing me so much grief. This will happen regardless of day or night, generating PV or not. I have contacted my supplier and even asked him if it could be a firmware problem as I'd heard that a lot of random bugs were fixed with new firmware. I'm still waiting (several weeks later) for an answer. Thanks to everyone for your time and your patience. Cheers Mike
  2. New Infini Super

    Hi all, I'm back with more silly questions. The inverter manual quotes a "Max. PV array open circuit voltage of 145 VDC (voltage direct current?) Working out open circuit voltage for my panels, I come up with 368 Voc and my inverter trips when my "PV Input Voltage" gets to around 300 v. Have I completely oversized my panels? I'm running 2 strings of 9 x 250w panels in parallel? Thanks for your time Mike
  3. New Infini Super

    So it turns out that I've been duped, the inverter that was sold to me as an Infinisolar super 4k, suppled with the infinsolar manual and SUV certs for that model is not what I paid for. I have something called an EASun IGrid SS 4kw, that has not been approved in NZ. So I guess my install is completely illegal. Has anybody heard of these inverters before?
  4. New Infini Super

    Hi Guys, than you for the input. The 40v you're referring to is not enabled. I believe it is under the grid charging option. I have never changed the value as I only use PV to charge the batteries. The error 16 was actually for a low battery, not GFCI fault as I thought. I'm waiting to hear back from my battery manufacturers re settings. Cheers Mike
  5. New Infini Super

    I also thought I'd try and figure out what was what in the distribution board, only to open it up and find this birds nest of cables. My other thought, after going back over the fault log, is that the fault generally occurs when PV Input Voltage gets around 300v or over. Not sure why it fluctuates that much, even if we're not generating much power. There is a option on the Parameters page to enable a "Wide AC input range" is that more for grid fluctuations? Mike (EDIT: error 12 is for leakage as it shows me this in fault log. The 16 error is for low battery ) I was just changing some settings and enabled "Wide AC Input Range" When I went to disable "parallel for output" it shutdown with error 12
  6. New Infini Super

    Hi Johan, the booklet has 2 sets of warning signals that, just to confuse matters, use the same numbers. An 'error 12' is to do with overheating, a "Fault 12" is leakeage or gfci An "error 16" is low battery, a "fault 16" is gfci fault. Mine are definately faults as it has a triangle icon with an exclamation point Most of my settings have been left on default The system is set up on grid tie with back up 2. I have a 4 x 12v 260 amp sealed lead acid batteries set to charge at:60 A Floating charge at:54 v and I don't charge from the grid Battery specs here: http://www.aasolar.co.nz/AA Champion AGM Deep Cycle Batteries.html Battery is C12V260 Battery voltage Regulation is 13.6-13.8v At first I thought the fault was weather related, it still might be for all I know. The system shuts down with a Fault 12 warning mainly in the mornings, and usually if there has been a heavy dew or overnight rain. Once we get to the afternoon it usually runs fine. The other day it was churning out 4.4 Kw and the current was 20amps so it seems to run well. I restarted the inverter the other night to clear a fault 16 message. There was no PV being generated. I switched off the Solar PV DC isolator switch, the AC Isolator from the grid and the battery isolator. Then reversed the order to switch it back on. Instant fault 12 shutdown, even with no PV. So I turned it all off and restarted with the PV switch off, it worked fine and I turned the PV switch back on later. I then switched everything off and tried it without the AC from the grid, as if there was a grid outage. It was running fine until I turned the AC back on and then Fault 12 shut down. I've included some screen shots of the software settings. Cheers Mike
  7. New Infini Super

    Hi Johan, than you for your help. The error doesn't occur when the PV is off. I had a local electrician do the install as I'm a little out of my depth with anything more complicated then wiring a light switch. I'll ask him if there is a separate neutral bar and how it is wired. I've attached the only sketch I have but will try to put a more detailed one together with the house distribution board on it. Thanks again for your time. Mike Hitek Solar - On-Grid Hybrid System Diagram_Mike_Baker.pdf
  8. New Infini Super

    Hi Guys, I've been searching the boards looking for threads that might shed some light onto my problems. I've installed an Infinisolar super 4kw inverter with 18 x 250 watt panels (2 strings of 9 in parallel) and I have 4 x 260amp batteries. I have been running this system for 3 months and have had problems since day one. I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with Fault 12 or Fault 16 messages? Both seem to be GFCI related. Fault 12 shuts the system down (at least 10 times a day but mainly in the morning, before max PV) and fault 16 happens each day but doesn't shut the system down and doesn't register on the fault log. I have been chasing ghosts looking for earth leakages everywhere in the house. At this point I have disconnected one string to see if I can isolate which string may contain faulty panels before pulling everything apart to check them individually. Sorry for the long winded post, but I figure the more info I can supply, the more likely it is that someone may have seen something like this before. I am in New Zealand where these inverters are very rare and the sole supplier has not been overly helpful or forthcoming with information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mike