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  1. But it did affect VW sales cause without passing the emissions tests that range of 'fuel efficient cum low emission ' vehicle wouldn't have been sold in the states. Never mind the emissions which were altered in the test state. I watched a short documentary now the whole thing and they showed a very diffrent emissions profile , far worse than would be allowed. They also said that it was almost common place for manufacturers to crook the emission tests one way or another, it's just VW was made to look like the only guilty party.
  2. It doesn't matter what industry you want to compare they all bend and fudge the figures to sound more favourable to the customer. Look at VW and their diesel emission figures, look at a variety of batteries they almost never perform as stated (unless you have studied the fine print and their odd test conditions) and our trusted government they would never lie to us or investors......
  3. seant

    Electric Bicycles

    You could build a bicycle come charger , while you're watching a flick or something on TV you could be charging the batteries to run the TV.
  4. Sure mistakes , well none of us are perfect. Malice , ripping someone off sorry that's just plain wrong. I'll give you another example, pensioner friends of mine were told their garage door motor needs to be change as there are no spares since the manufacturers have closed. Here's a quote for R6k to fit a new one. It took me about 30min to change a drive gear which I got, surprise surprise, from the manufacturer in Pretoria. The same folks bought a new dishwasher , because the repair shop told them theirs was uneconomical to repair. But they were offered R200 as a scrap value. Low and behold no parts were needed and a bit of time on Google and the machine was fixed. So again call it like it is there a lot of lying cheating stealing people out there and the truth should be layer out bare for all to see.
  5. Where do you draw the line on slander and exposing fraud. If I installed half the pannels and charged full price and some little old lady could never get on the roof to check what then . That's fraud. If I didn't connect half the pannels and told you the battery I sold you too was too small , only so I could sell you a larger battery pack and then connect the rest of the pannels , Well to say the lest that's very questionable. I think we should quit the political correctness and call a spade a f!@$ing shovel.
  6. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Sorry R30 for a pack that yields between 4 and 8 useable 18650 that is about on average R6 a cell , I don't see that being expensive . Let's do the sum, you'd need give or take 500 packs to have enough good cells to build an approximate 300Ah 48v battery. That's about R15k a good BMS like a Batrium about R8k . A steel box to put it into and the holders and wiring to go with it give or take R7k. that works out to about R30k all in. And then you time of course . But if you take what other similar spec batteries cost well you make up your mind what expensive is.
  7. You can get a plug in option for you phone to make it a FLIR camera. I think they were about R3k . I haven't tried one but apparently they work very well.
  8. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Ok so if I can get a bunch of old laptop batteries ,costing somewhere around R30 a pack who wants to make up a diy powerwall?
  9. seant

    Geyserworx PV geyser unit

    So at the moment it's been cloudy in Gauteng for a while, don't have enough PV power but the evacuated tubes mean I've still got hot water. And as @plonksterSo rightfully said the cost of pannels is about the same as a dedicated hot solar heater .
  10. seant

    Geyserworx PV geyser unit

    If I had spare pannels I still wouldn't do it. I'd rather charge more batteries or feed it back into the grid. If I had to buy pannels and charge controller etc to heat water , I'd sit myself down for a stern talking too. Buy a set of vacuum tubes and a circulation pump and run that with your solar panels and inverter. Cost wise it doesn't make sence and the evacuated tubes work extremely well.
  11. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Has anyone had a look inside the fredomwon battery packs? What makes them worth the price compared to a diy powerwall?
  12. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    I didn't consider spot welding at the time. I haven't had a failure due to the soldering yet. As for charging I set the float voltage to 57v to give me a little less than 4.1v per pack and I've set the absorb time to 0. The low voltage disconnect is at 46v , I've then told the outback controler to switch the ups to Eskom via a set of solid state relays and disconnect from Eskom at 48v. As for charge current , it will happily take what ever it gets from the controller (peaks at about 45A for now until I can add on more pannels. ) I'm not too concerned about the bottom voltages but I would like a BMS for the top balancing of the voltages. The nice thing about a large battery pack of 180 odd cells is that even with my 5kva inverter maxed out there is only about 0.03A being drawn front an individual cell which should give me a long battery life (provided I can keep the max and min voltages in check) . The cells all came from the same application so their capacities are nearly all the same and the age of the cell are similar too, and thus the packs are quite well balanced as a whole . I keep a close eye on the battery pack and there is a variation of less than 0.08v between all the packs. So for the price the steel box, the holders , wiring and a whole lot of time I certainly complain about the way it came together. To be honest I'm surprised more people haven't done this here in SA .
  13. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    You don't want to know
  14. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    I got the cells from a pile of solar lanterns I was asked to scrap. I'm busy putting together abother pack which I expect to have a useable capacity of about 18 to 20 Kwh from laptop packs. The batteries, plus holders and a BMS and the steel cabinet with internal calbing, basically a 48v 350Ah Li-ion pack for about R20k.
  15. seant

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    The start of the pack resting on top of my old set of traction batteries. And then the box all closed up.