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    Rookie starting in solar

    Hi ridiq thanks for your info. I already dit the solar geyser thing as well as the LED lights. I think my main culptits power wise as a 30 yr old double door fridga as well as old chest freezer which I aim to replace soon. I think my power usage will be down to 15kwh per day then.
  2. Thinus Jacobs

    Rookie starting in solar

    Thanks Terrible triplet as well as Plonkster for your replies. Yes is understand the need / want thing That is why I only want a small battery bank for the times of load shedding. IMwill use eskom as my backup mostly when they are available. I understand batteries are expensive and have short livespans. Your first question. i live in Bloemfontein. I am thumb sucking the 30 kw. It is the average usage per day in units on my prepaid electricity meter. I will have a load test done before i embark on anything. What is your thoughts on the Axpert vs Sinerji inverters? Victron is just to expensive for me Plonkster my plan was to have the inverter installed by electrician as welle as coupling to the grid. The installation of batteries and panels I am prepared to do myself. Guys in Bloem are rediculous with installation costs. Something like materials x2
  3. Hi I need a lot of advice. I am thinking of goiing solar. My daily usage is about 30 kw/h. I am thinking of first installing a 4 - 8 kw inverter wit a small bank of batteries just for load shedding purposes. This part of the installation can be done by an licenced electritian. I then plan to add panels to the installation myself as finances permit, until i reach the optimum number of panels. Let s start with the questions. 1. I am looking at the 4 kw axpert or the Sinerji the are of similar specs and price any ideas from the old hands 2. The part of installing the panels can it be done by a lay person?. I am quite nifty with my hands but don' t have much expierience with electicals, safe wiring the odd plug or installing my own alarm and ctv cameras. Is it legal for lay person to do the 48v part of the installation rest of my questions i will post as the project develops regards