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  1. New 3KW Infini install

    Hi pilotfish Thanx for the differentiating between Grid Assisted and Off-grid, i agree 100%
  2. New 3KW Infini install

    Hi Guys Just want to give you my opinion on the Infini. I have a 3kW unit installed in my house now for 3 years and no issues. Just to clarify the difference between Grid-Tie, Off-Grid and Hybrid. Grid-Tie is when you supplement the grid either by feeding back into the grid or just to supply enough power to your appliances when using grid limiting device, no batteries invloved. Off-Grid is when you make use of batteries to supply the load, the solar panels charge the batteries and the battery power is converted to the 220V, when batteries run low, it switch over automatically the your backup (Eskom or generator) Hybrid is a combination of Grid-Tie and Off-Grid, so you can Grid-tie and run feed some major appliances with solar power with or without feeding back into the grid, if you have pre-paid, then sorry, you need to have an energy meter connected that will do the grid limiting. On the battery side of the inverter you can then have some essential loads that you can power for instance when Eskom is out. So some suppliers spec the Axpert Off-Grid inverters as HYBRID, but in fact they are only off-grid. The 3kW Infini can give you 6kW output when connected to Grid, but only 3kW when grid is not available. Thanx for all the input from different users and their opinions
  3. Error 60

  4. Error 60

    Hi Guys Another error that keep coming up on a parallel installation. Error 60. I checked the current sharing cable, all ok. The inverters also keep on disconnecting the solar panels from charging the batteries and then reconnects after a few seconds. Thanx
  5. Optimal setting on Axpert

  6. Optimal setting on Axpert

    Thanx-a-million for the advice and detail. I will definitely look into that. Thanx
  7. Optimal setting on Axpert

    No confusion, that is how I set it up, just wanted another opinion. I will just check the Program 16 parameter. Thanx
  8. Optimal setting on Axpert

    Thank you for that info, that is what I meant by optimal settings. What is the difference between SOL and sbu on setting 01.
  9. Optimal setting on Axpert

    Thank you for the responses, much appreciated
  10. Optimal setting on Axpert

    Hi Does anyone know what will the optimal settings be on an Axpert in the following scenario: We have installed two 5kva Axperts in parallel with each 3kW of panels. But only one set of Sonic 250ah batteries. How will we get the best out of solar panels without really using the batteries, is this possible or do we need more batteries. Thanx
  11. Axpert vs Growatt

    Hi Guys New to the forum, have someone on this forum perhaps tested the Axpert vs Growatt inverter and which one do you think is better. I only have installed Axperts so far, but have a friend that recommends the Growatt for better performance. Looking forward to your opinions
  12. Axpert error code 09

    Hi Guys I see you guys talking about error 09, what cause error 08 to come up now and then, not always there. Thanx