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  1. Wind Turbine Overview

    Also had a problem with this guy . After fighting , begging for months i was received wrong equipment at half the value I paid . Never again .
  2. Solarpanels poor performans

    Thank you for your advice Chris , Plonkster , Pilotfish . The 2 x Axpert in parallel with 6 x 3 strings 250 watt is running . Had only one problem . System was performing bad until I picked up in one of the manuals that a parallel system can only run SBU or Utility ( Program 1 ) We have a lot of cloudy days lately but this morning was bright sunshine . I am happy with the system . Is it really worthwhile to upgrade the firmware . Currently running 52 - 30
  3. Lead Crystal Batteries

    Have a set of 8 x 150 Ah . Lead Crystal batteries Betta batteries from Deltec . Part of the maintenace program is to discharge the batteries 70 - 80 % and then recharge them every 6 months . I have the spec to charge the batteries . It is stated that this prosess must be done in +- 8 hours . Please can somebody tel me what is a safe discharge rate . After 1 year I am verry satisfied with these batteries performance . I have used Trojans before and as benchmark the Betta do very well .
  4. Solarpanels poor performans

    Thanks will check everything again
  5. Solarpanels poor performans

    Thanks i have the manual
  6. Solarpanels poor performans

    Some more info on test . All test were done with a load bigger than the connected strings capacity to get a total reading avialable . Have a good evening .
  7. Solarpanels poor performans

    No changes was made . I was getting ready to install a 2nd inverter . These 2 strings would be connected to The 2 nd inverter . As Chris Hobson advice I would have 4 strings on the old inverter and 2 on the new inverter . It would also be best for my layout . Less wires .That is when I found out that someting was wrong with these 2 strings . I did the test on both inverters , same results .If i have some time I will try and get volt and current readings with these 2 strings when connected and working . 12 Months ago I addid the last 3 panels to make it 5 strings . The inverter produced +- 3000 watts . We rarely go over 2500 watts to keep the system happy with a big safety margin . The string we add now is for cloudy days and to exstend the systems supply for future years at a good 2500 watts . Hope I expressed myself clear . Thanks for your interest .
  8. Solarpanels poor performans

    That was what i tried . Connect string no 1 produce +-330 watt . Connect string no 2 produce +-340 watt . Connect no 1 and 2 produce +-680 watt . Then i connect 2 other strings alone produce +- 1400 watt . Then connected all 4 strings produce 2070 watt .Praying all the time that the sun stays the same . So I presume the readings is right . Same wire size on all panels , only difference the wires on low reading 2.5 meters shorter . Checked all connections and replaced 1 combiner which was laying in the cannel full of water . No inprovement . Is there anything else i can check . These 2 panels (poor power ) was installed 3 years ago and was producing +- 1250 then .What a day . Have a good evening .
  9. Solarpanels poor performans

    The strings was disconnected .Sorry the one string was 99 volt and the other 98.9 the current was 7.7 and 7.66 The spec is OCV 37.7 V and 8.2 amp . I not sure about the amount of cells , will have to check tomorow . 30.6 volt and max 8.61Amp is also on the speck sheet . We had lots of rain ,the panels is nice and clean . When connected to mppt only 860 is available . Check mppt with other panels and is fine (85% efficient ) My electric knowledge is basic . Is it bad panels or can i check something.
  10. Solarpanels poor performans

    It is 2 strings of 3 panels 750 watt should be about 1400 watt . Thanks .
  11. Solarpanels poor performans

    Sorry should be 3 x 250 watt panels
  12. 2 Strings Jinko panels 3 x 750 watt produce only 860 watt .Panels are 3 years old . Checked both strings . Results 1) 99 Voc 7.7 Amp. 2) 89.9Voc. 7.66 amp . Panels dit perform better when installed .Please any info would help
  13. Amount of solar panels

    Thank you
  14. Amount of solar panels

    The combiner box is in the roof . Yes i dit mean 2 arrays . What i wanted to now is if i could split 1 array into 2 or must i have 2 seperate arrays . Sorry neither english or electrics are my language .
  15. Amount of solar panels

    Thanks I will ad the extra akpert 5kva i have . Have checked firm ware , both U1 - 52 - 30 . I have a few questions . 1. I will now have 6 Strings of 3 panels . Must i split them in 2 strings on the roof before i take them down to the inverters . 2 . Will i be able to switch 1 inverter of at nite to lower consumption during the nite . Currently the lowest we go on the batteries is 50.5 Volt . Want to keep it like that . Thanks