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  1. Chris Louw


    I have a 3 kwa axpert and also believe the charger on this inverter is different . Better charging control with good absorption charge
  2. previous models only had output of 4000w and this one now as a full 5000w . Could be the problem . After replacing my inverter with the new 5000 watt unit the data to the remote is also faulty . Still trying to sort that out . Thinking of replacing the com board with the old one . Could anyone advise . Thanks
  3. Chris Louw

    Axpert VM III

    Hi Seant if you are looking for the 5kva 5ooo watt with the 4000 watt mppt .Bought one from inverter warehouse in Jburg 2 months ago . Mercerpc also stock them including the 2 and 3 mppt units
  4. Chris Louw

    midpoint panic

    Hi everybody my HA-02 balancers is on the batteries for a few weeks . Everything seams normal , voltage difference on the 8 batteries 12.72 to 12.74 . The balancers are quiet and no heat . I'm satisfied . The charging still worry's me . The manufacture specks for charging at 20 to 30 deg cel. Bulk 58.8 V at .3 (30 % of rated cap.) Absorb .15 and Float 54.4 V 1-2 Amp . This seams very high but I have rechecked the specs and the training video . Can I please have your input on charging settings . The battery bank is 48 V 300 Ah . Currently I have No 2 on 90 Amp and No 11 on 50 Amp . Solar aray 4500 watt .
  5. Chris Louw

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    With an actuator it would Just be sure to get a good actuator the new 5000 watt is no only 11 kg
  6. Chris Louw

    Simple "Lithium" UPS system

    Depending what you want to do in future just some info . Power consumption Ds TV 30 watt . 40 inch Samsung led TV 85 watt . 32 inch Hi sense led 45 watt + 3-10 watt led light . A simple Square wave 600 watt inverter cost about R600 . If your charger is good your battery should give about 3.5 hrs of use . These inverters is good enough vir TV and lights but useless for anything else . I was using it for years before installing solar with no problems just a light buzz when TV is switch on .
  7. Chris Louw

    Axpert "back to grid" behaviour

    Something tells me that setting 28 will not respond with the inverter switched on .Try switching the inverter off and do the setting . Hope I'm right
  8. Chris Louw

    Summer > Winter power generation

    In our area Gauteng i can remember snow 3 times in 60 plus years . Very little and don't even now if its really snow .
  9. Chris Louw

    Summer > Winter power generation

    My peak power times is about the same as yours . I find hosing the panels down every 14 days gives me a good 600 watts extra . Catch the water in a Jo Jo and use for veggies
  10. Chris Louw

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    I just wonder the same brand washing machine with the continuous running motor had to replaced after 25 years when no spares was available for the gearbox . How long is the new machine going to last with no gearbox but a motor that stop - start + - 60 times per min .
  11. So very true . Started with 660 KWh/month now using about 40 kWh/ month .We are pensioners and use solar as much as possible . Replaced globes with LEDs and most equipment at least A+ . For me it is not about the money , I know I can't do better than big power stations . But if you life in an area where the substation fuses have to be replaced up 3 times per week ( Can take up to 4 hours ) and you can see the oil leaking out the transformer you wonder how long it will still last . I will pay more and enjoy solar as a hobby . It is nice to know that alarms is always on and no frustration when the power is of .
  12. Chris Louw

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Rick the morning I ran the washing on battery mode I did not give you the voltages readings . It was up and down 215 to 230 V on Axpert display . This is no worry to me , its been running for more than 3 years with no problems to any electrcal equipment . Infact somethimes we run 2 machines at once no problems . Hope everything ends well .
  13. Chris Louw

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Just some info . Our. Washingmachine Whirlpool toploader 10.1 kg . Newgeneration no gearbox . All clockwise - anticlockwise movement by stopping and starting of motor . This is the display readings while washing . Machine running on batteries utility switched of . 1. Volts. 49.9 tot 50.6 volts. 2. Load. 80 to 990 watts We checked this early this morning to be sure the findings is correct . Checked different lights and types of lights no flickering .
  14. Chris Louw

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Thanks Plonkster for the explenation I am also no electrician . Rick a few years ago I tried to use setting no 4 power saving mode SEN . that caused the lights to flick if it was the only load on . As soon as a high load item was switched on everything was back to normal lights and all . It seems if the inverter does not power up on very small loads (4 watts ) on SEN . Setting it back to SdS solved my problem
  15. Chris Louw

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Sorry shot should be short