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  1. Multi strings

    Sounds like possibly the best solution, maybe not as cost effective as I would like, seeing as I probably need a new battery bank. Does the Axpert 5kW/5kVa work with the 4kW/5kVa (my current one)?
  2. Multi strings

    Thanks, and what strings on what inverters?
  3. Multi strings

    @ibiza What batteries and inverter / charger do you have in your setup?
  4. Multi strings

    Why would it be dangerous? Surely it would jus be an efficiency issue?
  5. Multi strings

    Thanks Chris Thus I should have 2 chargers. Can I use the Axpert as one for the one string, then add another from the second string to the same battery bank?
  6. Multi strings

    Hi ibza So far pretty good, just made the (huge) mistake of using default settings for AGM batteries which is cutoff voltage of 44V, this I think has damaged my batteries (16 x Vission 105AH AGM). As this was my fault for not enough research on installation, cannot blame anyone. Tried asking battery supplier for advice after noticing low voltages, but they never even bothered to reply to a phone call and 5 emails. Ordered 4 HA02 balancers to see if I can rescue them, but doubt it. If not will probably go for Pylontech
  7. Multi strings

    I have two strings of panels with different orientation on one Axpert 5kVa inverter. Will the different orientation be an issue? Also can I install a second MPPT charger on the same battery bank in parallel?