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  1. I've decided to go ahead with the Infini, however, Voltronic inverters come here re-badged with respective company's logo on it - but same shape (and typically color). I also heard that some shady companies are selling fake copies of look-a-like Infini inverters with substandard quality. Is there a way to know for sure that the inverter is genuine Voltronic? I emailed Voltronic couple of days ago asking about a distributor but they never replied.
  2. LionKing

    24X 2v 200AH vs 4X 12v 200AH Shoto Gel Battery?

    Shoto official sales person recommended LLC (Lead Carbon) battery that she claims has 3800 cycles @ 60% DOD: http://www.shuangdeng.com.cn/view-104-247.html Attached image is what she emailed me, interestingly, Cycle info is Not available on their site for any of their batteries. Still 3800 cycles is a huge number and although skeptical, I'm leaning towards these cells. I'll be keeping these in the basement where ambient temp is around 29C. What do you guys think?
  3. LionKing

    24X 2v 200AH vs 4X 12v 200AH Shoto Gel Battery?

    What are decent brands/models? I actually looked at DIY Powerwalls on youtube - the ones using 18650 cells, its something I can do, however, I don't have the time currently.
  4. LionKing

    24X 2v 200AH vs 4X 12v 200AH Shoto Gel Battery?

    I think it'll be too much of a hassle for my parents, also the battery location doesn't have venting so another issue to figure out. Are Shoto/Narada considered good batteries? I've been doing some research and it looks like the models we have here are generic UPS batteries, NOT the ones designed for cyclic usage/extreme environments. One importer said he could get me those (Shoto LLC and GFMJ) but it'll be about a 3 month wait :O How much longer do cells typically last under same conditions (i.e. same manufacturer/model, blackout schedule, loads etc)? The sellers here are saying 30-50%, although I feel they are guestimating.
  5. I'm setting up a solar system for my parents in Pakistan. The grid is quite unstable here with frequent blackouts, mostly 1 hour ones 3-4 times a day and once a week 5-6 hour one. Most solar companies/installers sell Narada/Shoto Sealed Gel batteries. I did some research and now i'm confused about which batteries to get. 1. Most users on western solar energy forums say Flooded Lead Acid batteries are best, however, I don't think my parents are upto task on maintaining batteries - since its quite technical. and there are obvious venting issues as well. Are sealed gel batteries really inferior to the FLA ones? 2. Solar installers in pakistan say that dry 2v cells are the best option, however, on forums people said that whats really important is cyclic life. Since we have frequent black-outs (cyclic usage), I'm guessing 2v cells will last about same as a 12v battery? Cost wise there is almost a Rs 100K difference, which is quite a bit, so if performance/life is going to be similar I might as well go for the 12v option. Maybe in another 2-3 years there would be cheaper/better lithium batteries. Shoto 2v cell: http://www.shuangdeng.com.cn/userfiles/4cd5d807dc514b838f58401c8f3a3e9f/files/6-FMX%20series(regular).pdf Narada 12v battery: http://en.naradapower.com/upload/at/file/20160616/1466059790653093F207.pdf (12v battery is available in Shoto as well) Btw, I'd be hooking up these batteries to a 10KW inverter. Actualy load would be around 700Watts, with occassional Inverter AC (2000W) and Pressure Pump for faucets (intermittent load).
  6. I got a quote for Schneider Electric and its quite expensive so I'm crossing that one of the list. Found another shop that's selling couple of other brands of hybrid inverters: http://www.buysolar.pk/shop/solar-inverter/stecagrid-10000-3ph-hybrid/ http://www.buysolar.pk/shop/solar-inverter/baykee-5kw-mppt-solar-hybrid-inverter/ Stecagrid is German btw, however, I can't find much information/reviews on either of these?
  7. What kind of a multimeter do you guys use when working with solar setup? The ones I see online measure upto 1000V (DC)/650V(AC) but only upto 10A current. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072PVKP4M/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A11GINK95FPNDJ
  8. Thanks for the detailed explanation plonkster! I did some digging and found this diagram - this visually clears things up a lot in terms of Parallel operation and Phases. The diagram is for axpert inverters (w/o PV), but I assume same will apply to Infini w/PV - the only thing different would be that Each Inverter will be connected to a separate PV array? Btw, is One battery bank shared among all the inverters (as in the diagram)? If so, then how does charging work? is one inverter responsible for charging the battery bank or do all of them charge simultaneously? I'll ask local installer about net-metering, since I'm not sure about rules/regulations in my area.
  9. Good Morning! plonkster said that Infini Super is a cheaper model But Chris said that Super is the latest. I'm confused now? So its the latest model but a cheaper alternative to the Regular Infini?Assuming Super 4KW, I would need a parallel setup for it But I recall reading on this forum that Infini parallel functionality isn't that good? Would the Parallel setup work with 3-Phase Power Supply to the house OR should I just go with 10KW unit for now to avoid any issues? Btw, any Info about a newer 10KW unit coming out soon? Unfortunately, for Voltronic there isn't any solid distributor that i know of. Most are just small (2-3 person) installers, although there are a couple of companies that are selling Branded Infini inverters with their own logos on it as well. Would have to ask them about warranty/support. Schneider Electric seems to have a much better presence - complete office and everything, however, they are quite a bit expensive - just the inverter, and then I have to get separate MPPT/charge controllers. I asked one installer to send me quote for a Schneider Electric system, I'll update on that. Good to know about Phase-Bridging. Does Parallel setup require 3 inverters for 3Phase power supply AND net-metering, or can I make do with 1 or 2 i.e. One a 3-Phase power supply, would 1P inverter be able to take advantage of net-metering?
  10. Hi, I'm from Lahore, Pakistan and planning on setting up solar electricity for my house. The issues I need to address are Rolling blackouts (about 8 hours per day) and Electricity Bill offset using Solar. My plan is to go with a 10KW system, however, due to cost I think it will be better to get the Inverter + Batteries = UPS system setup for now. Then few months later add PV to the project. Mains Supply: 230V 3-Phase - We don't have any 3P equipment though Peak Load: 3 ACs (2KW each) + 800W of LED Bulbs + 500W of Fans + 500W Appliances (TV, Fridge, Freezer) + Dishwasher (Peak draw 2400W, used once a day). Note: All 3 ACs won't be running at the same time, max probably 2 ACs. We basically have two main brands of Inverters available here: Infini and Schneider Electric (this being expensive). My concerns are: 1. Do they have same supported operation modes/scenarios, to me it appears as if Infini has more? 2. Is Schneider Electric much better than Infini, in terms of reliability and quality of Electricity output? 2. Infini has various models i.e. Infini, Plus, V, Super. Whats the difference between these since their website isn't clear about this? 3. Infini 10KW has 3 Phases (3.3KW per Phase) and because of the ACs the load is harder to split among the three phases. I read that the phases can be bridged, how does that work? 4. If we bridge the phases, how would it affect the 3 incoming phases (from Grid) and Net-metering - since we're planning on taking advantage of that once we get PV setup. 5. I saw a video of Infini inverter and it was making a lot of noise. The person mentioned that the fans can be replaced to reduce noise, which fans (size) are needed and is it an easy task? Btw, I've done a lot of computer repair, so I'm comfortable opening stuff up. Thanks!