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  1. Majoor Doppies

    Draft Nersa Regulation

    Did anyone answer this question about NERSA? Would like to know what's cooking (while there is power)
  2. Majoor Doppies

    Stoves and stove repair spares

    This may possibly not be the right place to ask but having had so much solid and no nonsense advice from the forum I vernture my questions. Where do I buy quality 4 plate compact stoves at a good price?? What would work well in flats? I need thirteen of them as replacements. And also, where in Pretoria preferably, can I buy stove parts? Solid and spiral plates, lugs, silicon wire, fuses, switches, etc Please help.
  3. Majoor Doppies

    ARTSOLAR PV Panels

    Thank you one and all. Dankie vir almal se insette. Yabonga. Ke a leboga.
  4. Majoor Doppies

    ARTSOLAR PV Panels

    Hello All. Does anyone have a considered opinion or experience in respect of ArtSolar panels made in Pinetown. They seem OK to me but I would like to have some thoughts before I buy. Thanks.
  5. Majoor Doppies

    Running a 900w poolpump

    Hi all. What type of configuration would be advised to run a 900w pool pump from 20:00 till 04:00 the next morning (8 hours) ? Panel output? Inverter size? and battery aH ratings please.
  6. Majoor Doppies


    Hi The SA Company, Artsolar, are SABS approved panels. And the prices seem OK Any comments, advice or warnings? I am intereswted in teh 320 panels.
  7. Thank you aplenty. I appreciate but would, as far as the page is concerned, like to know what the "signature preferences" at the end of replies are. Are they suggestions? Also another question: Does it make sense to buy a 5KVA inverter initially and in due course add batteries and panels as finaces allow?
  8. Good day all and thanks for allowing me to pose some questions at times. I am retired and reside in Groblersdal. I would like to know what type of life expectancy one can experience if one goes totally off grid? Looking at prices for installations I would expect to have a good lifetime from my initial installation before having to replace batteries and other items.. No doubt more questions will arise if I should decide to go the whole hog.