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  1. Hello everyone, any one know apple software or android software for Voltronic Infini inverter to monitoring power, consumption or anything load through the inverter, like shinewifi from growatt please share with me Thank you alkafa
  2. alkafak

    Mounting Infini Solar 3KW+ in the wall

    all of the Master, Thank you for reply my thread, i will try which the pass for the inverter caused the bolts not included in the package Alkafak
  3. Hello Everyone, Please if you have experience to mounting Infini Solar 3KW+ int he wall, please tell to me, i am very happy if somebody share the pictures, i see not equipped baracket for this product Thank You Allkafak
  4. alkafak

    USB driver for Infini 3+

    @Weaseli think prolific only use to convert RS 232 to USB connection, but thank you for your link @SilverNodashi Yes, i have installed from the CD, until restart my computer the USB reach to read inverter with default setting
  5. Hi Everybody, i have infini 3 plus, i trying to connect to solar power software via USB but the windows 7 cant detec the driver, anyone have a USB driver? please share to me Thank You