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  1. Wind Turbine Overview

    Heya all. During sun up the wind turbine controller senses the battreys are 'full' due to the charging voltage of the solar controler. A lot of wind turbine manufacturers recommend this: Pre-regulation of Turbine. To solve this put the bulk and float voltages of the Turbine 0.2V higher than that of the Solar. J
  2. Battery lugs and terminals

    Heya. I watch a fair amount of solar youtube videos. Especially in the USA. It seams that the lugs are filled with solder to fill the gaps? Jay
  3. Haha. I just enjoy wind Turbines. Solar LEDs , sharing information and aircraft's! Jay
  4. Here we go sir: http://stel-apps.csir.co.za/wasa-img/WIND_ATLAS_GUIDE.pdf If you get a bit stuck with the Google Earth Overlay give me a shout. I struggled a bit to get it working. It is amazing though. You can zoom in any where. It is however only for WC I believe. Gents if I may promote my business after 5 years of keeping the forum up. hahah. I am a Pilot and I love any thing Propellers. I love wind Turbines. I am at www.pegasus-systems.co.za and some videos at : https://www.facebook.com/pegasussystems/ Wind Turbines are my passion. I see them as battery savers in the night (too Avoid deep discharges) and also very useful at the coast and valley mountain areas. I never recommend them if the ROI is to high when taking into account the saving on Battery and so. I am terribly sorry for promoting my own business. Its against my ethos. But I love them very much. My margins are slim :>> . Dont go Zohaan! Go Pegasus! These machines are built for 20 years , with normal maintenance. Thanks guys for letting me post this. Sincerely Jason
  5. Hi All. I have one from the CSIR. Its a Over lay for google earth. I will post it just before 10pm. Sincerely Jason
  6. weekend humour

    Allen Hobson......Alien Hobson? Just teasing. Hope you guys are great! Jay
  7. weekend humour

    Some Say.... on this forum....There are TWO! Members by the name of "Hobson" . I say its the work of Aliens!? @Chris Hobson and @Allen Hobson

    Hi Guys. Just getting some help from my Database chaps as below. Sorry about that . I will retrieve all the lost pictures as well. I will know how to security upgrades and keep files in the Future. Their reply as below. Hi Jason Back, Thanks for contacting us. This is to confirm we have received your email and will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Have a looking for it now :> I do believe I can find wetkits Solar Panel mounting on my side. I do believe the error is on my side so sorry about that Gents and Ladies. When I upgrade the Forum Platform for new security updates it flushes out the files. In the future I will download them all and re-upload them after the upgrade- I take the forum security very seriously. Thanks for all I promise to get them! Hope this helps! Jay

    Will take a look first thing in the morning. Sincerely J
  11. Current Water Affairs.

    Heya Gents. Thanks @gabriel.we have two threads. One for politics and one for water technical. Thanks so much Jay

    Sure. Will see what I can do . Do you recall it's name? J
  13. DIN VDE 0126-1-1

    Thank you very much. I know there are a few labs that do this. Back in the Day I wanted to get the Solis/Ginlong Certified. Circa 2013. I recall it was very pricey. Jay
  14. The Powerforum Public Online Discussion Forum - www.powerforum.co.za was established in 2013 to share knowledge. A lifetime of shared knowledge is invaluable. The goal was to create an open sharing platform that will encourage creativity and spark new ideas as well as to allow members of the public to make informed decisions before spending and investing large amounts of energy and capital installing solar as well as renewable energy products at their homes or offices. Whether you are just beginning your journey towards energy independence or already have years of hard-won experience under your belt. Everyone is welcome on the Powerforum. I have a passion for the Domestic Wind Turbines and Solar LED Lighting. It is my ethos to never make use of the forum for my own financial gain in anyway. The Power Forum Server costs, upkeep and platform are happily funded by myself. I hope it will be of good service to everyone. It is my magnum opus for all. Sincerely Jason Back https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-back/