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  1. Energy

    Bought a BMW i3

    Great news. Awesome post.
  2. Energy

    Bought a BMW i3

    They look really cool! J
  3. Energy

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    This is battery based off grid solution. The Turbine is mostly on brake during the day. It is allowed to take action at night. Also the Internet is up and down there. Im not sure how this affects the logs. The client is from the Karoo and seldom has Internet access. This is his Data with the Internet connection: http://profiles.pika-energy.com/users/144/dashboard I see a R250K wind Turbine as a charging battery to prevent your Large battery bank from Large Discharges. As the Turbine has a life of 22years +. I feel it could be of some use here :> Costs on Battery systems are pricey. Not at all trying to sell turbines. I just have an irrational love for them. haha! Video " :> Sincerely Jay
  4. Energy

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    May I share some of our Wind Turbine Data from Pegasus? Not to sell Turbines :> Just would love to share!! I feel you would be super impressed what a USA built R220k Wind Turbine has made. We talking Megawats :>>> USA built 15 year warranty! 22year design life. So excited to share! Jay
  5. Hi Mohm, Every one is welcome. Tell us more about your instillation? J
  6. Thanks very much. I found the star light laser range. Affordable. Thanks
  7. I do wish Thermals were as well priced as IR cams :> One day one day. Jason
  8. Tapatalk. Would you Like it on Forum? Feel free to use the above Poll. Jay
  9. Energy

    searching for anything on the forum

    Haha. If only you knew how many scammers try to destroy this place. ;)) I will get us a 3rd party search app this weekend. Sincerely J
  10. Energy

    searching for anything on the forum

    Hi Guys. Hope well. Anything I can help with and improve? Jay
  11. Ah still being searching for a more affordable price. You guys have any luck? @maxomill @Mako @SilverNodashi Jay
  12. Hi All - Hope great. @Chris Hobson Has some great ideas that we want to run by the community that will help condense some topics into one. Such as the Solar Thread has 2 or 3 sub-threads - Advanced solar and so on. He suggested we condense them into one. I really loved his idea. He also has some good ideas on the inverters threads and the Archived software. I am sure he will post tomorrow and share his great ideas. Anyone please feel free to also comment. Its all about making the forum as easy to use to allow members to find the closest route to sharing and learning. I am passionate about our forum and love working on it, also open for any ideas whatsoever. This forum belongs to all of you. Sincerely Jason
  13. Energy

    Flat Earthers!

  14. Energy

    Flat Earthers!

    A good friend of mine is convinced the Earth is flat! Dead serious! He gets the better of me when I deny it. I answer "Ofcourse its not flat" His Answer "Do you have proof?" What is the best way to respond ? This is no joke! haha Jay