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  1. Hi Guys. Hope well, quick one, do these units comply with all the grid tie red tape? Sincerely Jay
  2. Axpert error code 09

    heheh! :>
  3. Would love to see them! Jay
  4. Thanks Guys! This is exactly what I wanted to know! Hmm! Now options for a 1-3.6kW Inverter? Jay
  5. Hi All :> Hoping you can help. I am on the market for a grid tie inverter with limmiter. I know of Microcare + Limmiter and Exsolar's Inverter Fronius. I am wondering the ease of use , the Exsolar unit with its limiter seams pretty straight forward and well priced. How is the quality and service on these units? Also can they work with any electricity meter? Thanks Guys , Appreciate it. Sincerely Jason
  6. Fantastic Guys! Thanks for this. I am looking at cool options Single Phase for Small - Normal house size loads.. They have a main 60A breaker? Is this standard? How large can one go for a GTI and Solar before the GTI becomes to large for the Household? Am I correct in saying that 230V x 60 = 13.8kW and this is the maximum a normal home could theoretically consume? Sincerely Jason
  7. Tapatalk Pro

    Heya guys. Ah this tapatalk! Hehe. Let me relook it, Jay
  8. AH, I see microcare have switched over to KACO. Jay
  9. Thanks, Would this be the device: As attached, How would you rate the microcare units? Sincerely Jason SE_TEA_Quick_Guide_How_to_set_up_Export_Limiting_using_the_Fronius_Smart_Meter_EN_AU (1).pdf
  10. Hi guys need some help :>

    DO you guys know of any of these inverters are legal in SA for grid tie? https://www.solarchoice.net.au/blog/power-one-aurora-solar-inverters/ Power one Aurora. Would be a great help. Thanks Gents.
  11. Hi All. Hope great. We have a good supply of German Made Recom Solar Panels in Stock. We are providing them per Pallet of 25 Modules at R49,875 Inc Vat. Amazing German panels. with all the warranties etc and certifications. TUV. Please do find the attached Specification sheet. We have a fair amount in Stock. We have sourced this when the Exchange Rate was strong. Unfortunately next year the Rand is not looking great. Thanks Guys First some first serve. Please do find the attached Specification sheet., Delivery can be arranged to your premises.I am always available at Sales@powerforum-store.co.za / Or whattsapp - 073 542 8152. I hope this is helpful. Sincerely Jason Specification Sheet.pdf
  12. Hi guys need some help :>

    Heya, This is the info I have, We need to use the Wind Model. Do have a look. Appreciate it. Jason pvi-3.0_3.6_4.0_ul1741_cert_and_ratings.pdf pvi- pvi- pvi-4_2_3_6_-tl-outd-y_universal_standards_all_countries_ce_declaration_version_2[1].pdf certification_ce_pvi-3.0_3.6_4.2-it-w.pdf
  13. Hi guys need some help :>

    Yep its a ABB. I appreciate your response. Do we have that list of Legal Grid Tie Inverters in SA? Jay
  14. Looks fantastic! Feel free to use the Powerforum to chat about your developments and to support users. Sincerely Jason
  15. 1 Charger 1 Inverter Setup as UPS

    I would go for a Well priced APC UPS with AVR Just for the networking Equipment. Depending how much WIFI you running? Dishes and so? Sincerely Jason
  16. Tapatalk Pro

    HI all. Tapatalk should be up. Please let me know if all good. Sincerely Jason
  17. Voltronic, Axpert, Gride Tie, Red Tape

    AHAH that will be great! Chat soon!
  18. Voltronic, Axpert, Gride Tie, Red Tape

    Thanks Chris, regarding the COCT , the axperts are grid capable? If so how are they limmited not to sell back. Apologies I am not familiar with them, Would like to build my own system soon Sincerely Jason
  19. I need help please Guys

    Great to have you, the guys will most definite guide you. @Chris Hobson @Mike. Sincerely Jason
  20. Trojan Batteries Landed :>

    Dear All. Hope Great. We are running a 3 day special on the Trojan 31-AGM Units. 12V 100Ah. / Cost R2650 Inc Vat. Please do find the attached link at : http://www.trojanbattery.com/product/31-agm/ Cycle Life versus Depth of Discharge PDF attached Hope this helps :> Sincerely Jason Trojan-AGM-Line.pdf
  21. Free Delivery To Major City Areas. For orders please do contact: Sales@powerforum-store.co.za , always happy to help.
  22. Tapatalk Pro

    Thanks for the feedback all. Will take into action tomorrow. Sincerely Jason
  23. Tapatalk Pro

    Yes unfortunately you give them a lot of access to your data base. Sincerely Jason
  24. Tapatalk Pro

    We can certainly look at re enabling it again. How does every one feel about this? Jay
  25. I would just like to say thank you to everyone for supporting this great forum. We started in 2013. We are so close to 2000 members. I can not contain my excitement! If any one could share a link to the forum to friends via Facebook or email or any other means. This will be fantastic. I am so really excited for that 2000! The extra users supports our singular google adds campaign at the bottom of the forum to help pay for the server costs. I did not want to place these every where on the forum and rather opted for the clean professional look. Its been a great Journey! To many many more years!! Sincerely Jason