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  1. This one http://www.listerengine.com
  2. Hi DB9, have you tried running Waste Veggie oil in youir Roid yet? Lots going on in that department on listerengine forum right now.
  3. dax021

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    While this thread seems to have died, things have been slowly moving forward at Wild Rescue. Watch this space, soon all will be revealed. Thanks go to those who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes.
  4. dax021

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    Thanks, much appreciated
  5. dax021

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    Hi Jason, that's really kind of you. I will need to speak to Gill to find out what her needs are in this regard, as well as what her budget can handle. They do look like fantastic lights and I'm sure she can use a couple of those around the clinic area. I want to wait a few days and see where we're at, what we can put together, and at what price, then take it from there. Thanks again for your kind offer. Cheers, Peter
  6. dax021

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    Hey Chris, that's flippin brilliant of you. I would really like to meet you anyway, as you have helped me plenty in the past, and this seems like a good opportunity. I will carry on co-ordinating and see where we go with this and then start making plans to get the work done. My email if necessary, is dax021@gmail.com, but I'm quite happy to communicate via this thread. Also, feel free to contact Gill and chat, her cell and landline numbers are on her website. Thanks a million, Peter
  7. dax021

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    Jaco, thanks, I have replied to your PM'
  8. dax021

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    Hi Forumites, I have recently made the aquaintance of a remarkable woman by the name of Gill Simpson. Gill is an avid animal rights campainer, passionate about the lives and well being of wild animals. She has worked for many years as a volunteer at various rescue centres and during this time she noticed the huge deficiency in rescue/rehabilitation centres in the Western Cape. Gill decided something needs to be done, gave up her high powered advertising job and bought a farm in the Stillbaai area with the intention of filling this gap. She has invested over R4m of her own money into this project and still has a fair way to go before the first animals can be be catered for. She has been held up by miles of red tape (most of which has now been sorted), bush fires, builders who have taken her for a ride, and all sorts of things which have slowed the momentum. The project is known as "Wild Rescue, Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Reserve" and is a non profit organisation. Please see their website for more info http://wildrescue.co.za/. Their funding will come from charities and donations as well as from a volunteer program. Unfortunately, until the infrastructure is in place, they cannot take in any animals, and until they have animals they cannot get the funding they need and Gill is fast exhausting her personal kitty. Gill has converted and old labourers cottage into a clinic (Cape Nature prerequisite), which is pretty much complete except for the supply of water and electricity. Due to the inhibiting cost of installing Eskom (transformer, 3-400m of cable, monthly availability fee), Gill has decided to go solar for the clinic. Unfortunately, the vet who will attend there on a volunteer basis cannot tell Gill what load all the equipment will be drawing, but I am working on this. And here is where I am appealing to the forum. Is there anyone out there that could help in various ways. (1.) Does anyone have an unused system that they would be prepared to donate, or sell for a reasonable price? (2.) Would anyone be prepared to donate some time to install such a system? (3.) Would anyone be prepared to give advice and pointers for such a system? I am available to help install, but even though I installed my own system at home, I feel I don't have the expertise to do a professional job without supervision. As remuneration for anyones work they will be given free board and lodging for the duration (there are a couple of beautiful thatched cottages overlooking the Goukou River), a banner on her website crediting all those involved and whatever else she can afford. Please reply to this message, PM me, or contact Gill direct via her website for more info. Thank you kindly, Peter
  9. And you have how many Listers? Go read the Lister forums, plenty of ways around this. There's a guy in EL who has thousands of hours on his Lister, no carbon buildup, and he burns WMO.
  10. dax021

    PV Array Sizing Tool

    Thanks Chris, that's useful
  11. dax021

    Batteries Faulty - How to bypass charging

    Dream on. Been trying this approach for about 2 yrs. These guys know the value of batteries, and will rather "recon" the half good batteries then resell them as 80% good for R 800 to R 1000 each. I sent my 4 x T1275"s to a place to try and recover them, but the guy says they are totally poked, no chance. Fortunately, he didn't charge me, even though he quoted R 50 per batt if it doesn't work, due to his electricity usage. I think he's offering me R 7/kg, must still go round and negotiate for replacements.
  12. Thanks Chris, your advice is noted. I don't think the 3Kva even has a serial port, so I guess no upgrades.
  13. Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. I wasn't going to bother about lightning protection either. As far as I'm aware, nothing stops a lightning strike anyway, it goes through one's protection long before the device even realises it's been struck. Here in Plett we have very little lightning and my pole will only be about 3m high. I am on a tight budget and still need decent batteries first. I'm open to the voice of reason though. While I have your attention, is it possible, or even necessary to upgrade the firmware on the 48V 3Kva plus Axpert as you guys have done to your 5Kva models? This would be to address charging and other issues as discussed on this forum.
  14. So, I am slowly getting closer to installing my 3kva Axpert and want to soon install more panels. I see a lot of combiner box wiring diagrams show an earth/ground wire that links to the panel negative. Is this correct, or necessary? I was going to ground the frame and panels with an earth spike and have no earth going via my combiner.
  15. dax021

    Solar Installation Advice - Off grid, small house

    I'm still using them, but being careful, I have never let them go below 12.3V. One of these days I'll leave the inverter on for a night and see what happens. I'll report back then, but as TTT says, if I carry on using them as I am now, I think they'll last forever.