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  1. Louw

    Current Water Affairs.

    I think the move is back to the reuse/recycle - 20 years ago everything was packed in plastic that went to the dump site. These days everyone tries to recycle
  2. Louw

    Current Water Affairs.

    @plonkster As long as you don't waste the flush water - Unfortunately most/all of the RO I have seen has been installed with the flush water going down the drain!
  3. Louw

    Current Water Affairs.

    I am hearing of more and more people taking their water bottles to go and fill it at the "Water shop" around the corner or installing water filtration systems to ensure clean water. Just some information on that. Most of the water from the Water shop comes from Reverse Osmosis. Similar to your under counter filter. For every 1 litres of Clean water, 4 litres of clean water is used to flush the RO membrane. Or 80% wastage, down the drain!!!! So a 5lt water bottle uses 25lt of perfectly drinkable water. People needs to be educated!!!!
  4. Louw

    Water filtering

    I also received a nasty letter from CoCT a month ago for my wife's dental practise (Trading from Residentially zone property). 2 Weeks ago I linked the toilet (8lt) of the dental practise (3 staff) and the toilet (13lt) from accounting firm (5 staff) next door up to a wellpoint. I put a water meter in because I like stats. Got a fright of my life after the first week. On average 250lt being used per day just to flush the 2 toilets! Saving 5kl per month!
  5. I have looked into possibility of running a heat pump from PV for extra heat on the days that the sun shines (Give PV power) but not hot enough to heat the geyser through EV tubes to 55C. Taking into account that a Heatpump cost R10k and upwards it almost seems more viable to spend the R10k on another 1KW of Panels, change the element to a 1.5kw one and run it directly from PV. You can then use the PV power in summer (when EV is enough) to run other things like swimming pool pump/borehole pump.
  6. Louw

    Victron CCGX

    Thanks Guy @plonkster interesting that you can't do it with their biggest MPPT's ghatikar - I had a similar idea - Control one of the PV strings with a Relay that switches on when the pump starts. Put then I will only use the Panels when the pump is running whereas currently I have overspec my Panels to allow for the overcast day's and was planning to only run the pool pump on sunny days where I have excess PV power. Currently my best value for money idea is just to double my battery capacity when I have to replace my batteries. Current price are R9,400 for 4 additional T105 vs R7,800 for a CCGX (without cables). 450Ah will allow me to charge at almost 70A which is more than enough to run a 750W Pool pump or 1.1kw Borehole pump (Not at the same time) without drawing from the batteries. And then I get the additional benefit of doubling my storage capacity
  7. Louw

    Victron CCGX

    HI All I currently have a Victron 150/70 charging 4 x T105 (225Ah; 24V). I limited the charge current to 33A to ensure I don't overcharge my batteries. Taking into account that the inverter use 2A and base load is around 4A I am around 27A maximum charge of my batteries. I am looking into adding my pool pump/borehole pump to solar as well. The problem is that at 750W the pool pump draws 30A Plus, thus drawing power from the batteries. So I am looking for a solutions to increase my charging from my MPPT during these times. Will a Victron CCGX linking the MPPT to my BMV-700 be able to do this (Taking into account that I have VERY LIMITED to NO programming abilities). Or does anyone else have ideas? Regards,
  8. Louw

    Cape Town Water Crisis

    Rainfall varied a lot through the night. The following from mine and other family Members all in a 5km radius Durbanville Hills: 14mm Eversdal Heights: 17mm Eversdal: 35mm Eversdal: 51mm The figures reported is from North to South so rainfall further south might have been more.
  9. Louw

    Geysers in Series

    Another Benefit: 2 Geyser = 2 Elements You can change the "cold" geysers element to a 1.5KW element, and link it onto your inverter, and control it with a Relay from your BMV/Charger. When your BMV gets to 100% or your charger goes to Float it switches on.. Result - You dump your excess electricity generation in your geyser. Still having the second "warm" geyser on Eskom.
  10. Louw

    Geysers in Series

    My brother installed 2 x 200l Geyser in Series. Both have their own 20 EV Tubes connected to it running from 2 Geyserwise. Works perfect. The water entering the second geyser is already warmer so it does heat quicker by EV or element. You also don't need 400lt at 55C, Only 200lt at 55C. Reducing heat loss. Benefit of 2 geyser is that you can set different temps and can change them through the year. ie. In summer you drop the first geyser's element setting to 30C (i.e Does not come on), in winter to 45C. You can also change it if you are having people stay over and you need 400lt at 55C. Back to 200lt at 55C when they leave.
  11. It jumped around the past 18 months (Moved in, Installed Solar Geyser, Installed Solar Panels (From old place), Installed borehole with 2 pumps!) But I am expecting it to normalise around 10-15 units in Summer with 15-20 units in winter per day. Almost viable going fully off-grid - Not sure what the wife will say about it!
  12. So CoCT published their Budget in the paper this morning: The devil is in the detail: "Residensiele kliente met geinstalleerde kredietmeters sal na die tuisgebruiker tarief oorgeplaas word, tensy hulle onder een van die kategroiee vir verlaagde tariewe val" If you have a Prepaid meter you will be moved to the "Tuisgebruiker" tariff if your property value is more than R1m. Main Difference: Daily charge of R8.21 for having access to electricity under "Tuisgebruiker" (vs Rnil previously) for daily charge with the charge per KW reducing for usage below 600kw/month. Being a Residential SSEG the daily charge is R13.03. I think for a lot of people the Daily charge under SSEG was the reason for not going SSEG. But if they bring it in for all users it might change the sum.
  13. On how it is currently worded the property valuation only refer to the second one But there is a chance that the stuffed up the wording and that it will only apply to properties below R400k
  14. According to the Proposed budget for City of Cape Town for 2017/2018 Electricity: increase pf an average of 3,34% – down from 7,78% last year 60 kWh of electricity free of charge per month per household for those using less than 250 kWh per month 25 kWh of electricity free of charge per month per household for those using more than 250 kWh but less than 450 kWh per month on average with a property value of R400 000 or less So there is an additional incentive to cut usage below 250KW/month. Going to be difficult to reach, but maybe a good incentive to make the Financial Sums work.
  15. Louw

    Rainwater harvesting

    @superdiy You may want to look into installing a pressure tank. It reduces the amount of time your pump needs to kick in Picked up a 24lt tank from Brights for R660 - Result is that my 1.1Kw pump only kicks in every 2nd time the toilet is flushed. The 1st time it runs from the pressure tank. It has an added benefit for me. I have around 70m of pipe that are pressurised running to 3 points on my property where my 8 irrigation taps and 3 extra manual taps are. With a small amount of leakage on the pipe/connectors/taps the pump would kick in every 15minutes to pressurise the pipe. With the pressure tank it has stopped doing it.