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  1. Chris Hobson

    digital thermometer placing

    I stuck mine on the middle (top) of the polyurethane case with prestik and although I did use the values to adjust charging regime I was more interested in any temperature variation in the batteries. I thought I would pick up any impending disasters. In the end (probably one of Plonky's pet peeve phrases ) it was the BMV rather than temperature that heralded my battery banks's demise.
  2. Chris Hobson

    midpoint panic

    .... "day and age"
  3. Chris Hobson

    off grid solution

    Aah @gabriel and I thought I had slow internet. Perhaps you can use this to your advantage. You can do an EFT and the money will only be deducted from your account in 3 years time.
  4. Chris Hobson

    Draft Nersa Regulation

    ...and discoloured hands.
  5. Chris Hobson

    Infinisolar and 3 phase rotation issue

    ..and Huawei. Addition: I did however connect L1, L2 and L3. During that particular install I discovered that the phases on one of the sub breakers was switched. I decided not to correct it as I was not sure what was being powered and let sleeping dogs lie. I tapped off power via a 1A 3P carefully correcting the phases for the Solar Log meter.
  6. Chris Hobson

    Infinisolar and 3 phase rotation issue

    Just as an aside The 3P GTIs I have worked with are quite happy to receive the phases in any order. I know that this is not the case with the Infinisolar.
  7. Chris Hobson

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    I got all excited but I see it is homemade and they don't ship to South Africa.
  8. Chris Hobson

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    Have a look around - there are cheaper options and Hugh Piggott's design is not an expensive design and it would be easy to change it to a VAWT which is imminently suitable to urban environments (and my narrow valley).
  9. Chris Hobson

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    As Jay has mentioned I don't think one should try equate solar and wind the sums do not add up. I see wind's value in its ability to keep your battery bank out of the red zone. In the WC I would think a small turbine that could do 800-1000W would be useful when you get that driving rain that makes me glad I live elsewhere.
  10. Chris Hobson

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    We have a plasma screen but not a television the sabc is irrelevant to our lives. The sabc and dstv to my mind are akin to Chinese water torture.
  11. Chris Hobson

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    I saw a Eskom load shedding schedule at the local co-op today so the strike is definitely causing disruptions. I fear the first I will know that things have got out of hand is the internet will go down .
  12. Chris Hobson

    Draft Nersa Regulation

    I doubt that some maplotter had his Honda 8kW going and was back feeding and powered up the overhead lines. Perhaps a large wind or solar farm or the backup generator for a large hospital or a factory. Backfeeding for a small portable generator when the grid is down would be akin to a dead short - the unit will trip. If the regulation had a lot to do with safety and compliance then why the inclusion of off-grid systems and the need to know the size of the system? Methinks some bureaucrat thought getting everyone to register is a good idea and there were not enough brain cells to come up with a counter proposal so we get lumped with someone's brainfart. In this vein some idiot wants to declare Cyndon dactylon (kweekgras) as a Category 2 invasive species. Cyndon is a global problem and very invasive but it is indigenous to Southern Africa so some half-wit has read the American Journal of Rangeland Management seen that it is a problem and thought "Oh we have that grass here - we should redouble our efforts to contain it." If this imbecile has his/her way I will need a permit for a grass that has grown on my farm for thousands of years.
  13. Chris Hobson

    midpoint panic

    The HA01s have LEDs. Perhaps it has something to do with the 2.4V to 12V topology that the LEDs are removed on the HA02s. Addition: Of the hundreds of HA02s that @Chris-R has imported he has not had a comeback yet.
  14. Chris Hobson

    midpoint panic

    @plonkster tongue in cheek had a long explanation for why batteries at the one end of a string fail. I believe there is some merit in swapping batteries around (something I never did) as it seems always one of the batteries on the end fails first (usually No1). Let us know the results of your tinkering.
  15. Chris Hobson

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    It's a blessing you were not supposed to work to day.