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  1. Wind Turbine Overview

    @LivSol thanks for the heads up. When I add a turbine I either am going to get one of @Energy's units or build a VAWT myself.
  2. Saving Water & Capture.

    Although not in SA an image that a school friend sent me. He does gutter replacements with a product called Gutterglove which prevents leaves settling in the gutters. Cheap way of storing water although it will test the efficiency of your plumbing ability.
  3. http://www.megasolarsa.com/wind-turbine-buyers-information/
  4. What I want to know what aspect of his Victron system made the client so cross as to crash into his solar shed .

    If Program 23 is enabled then the unit should go into bypass mode if there is an overload (Error 7).
  6. Battery lugs and terminals

    Crucified..... Cable termination is a weak point in terms of current flow. If you have a 35mm2 cable for instance that now has to conduct through a flat surface which has less than ½ the cross-sectional area of the cable. When aluminium cabling was common aluminium lugs were a weak point due to the formation of Al2O3. A couple of washers is a bad idea.
  7. way off base... which truck to get???

    If it is only 300 kg kg then a bakkie would be fine. We have squeezed 26 solar panels (72 cell) into a VW Caddy. I am not up with Caddy specs but apparently one model has a slightly larger load area.
  8. Multi strings

    25kWp was producing 23kW at 3:30 in the afternoon. I think they are a marvelous idea. Tilt at about 15°. You lose about 10-15% production versus a North-facing array but there is less seasonal variation and far more importantly a longer solar day. If you grid-tie and are largely are going to use energy for self consumption. This would be the way I would go. I'll take photos later this week.
  9. Disposing of old batteries

    I was at the Scrap dealer yesterday. R11/kg for batteries here in PE. (So my old CB Solars are worth about R800 each). I expect one can get a better price the closer you are to JHB.
  10. Multi strings

    No offence meant and no offence taken Oooh I like East-West arrays. Just completed a 25kWp East-West array.
  11. Hi Kasman I am away from home and therefore also my resources. I will answer more fully when I am home. @Chris-R has 2 of 10kW Infinis and is about to install 2 more at his business. Unfortunately he hardly makes onto the forum these days. For me the biggest limitation of the 10kW is the 3.3kW per phase.
  12. Multi strings

    It does not appear so but so far results cannot explain her symptoms. Something I had not thought of - your solution is elegant.
  13. been there...... Waited till sunset to test but there was still enough juice to give me an impressive arc. The staff on the farm were very impressed - "Yoh - uyachokka"
  14. Solar Panel - Roof Mounting

    I love Unistrut
  15. problem with infini 3kw

    @Mark HELP!