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  1. voltronic solar inveter

    The only firmware updates on this forum is the modified firmware from Australia for the 4kW/5kW version.
  2. Laundry needs hot water

    I use to hire a farm that had TOU tariff and the pumps use to switch on in the evening at about 9pm. and off at 6am and on at 10am and off again at 5:30pm. We had a very funny incidence due to the TOU. switching. I had hired a new shearing team and we arrived at about 6 pm and they offloaded their kit into a vacant house and settled in for the night. Shearing is back breaking work and although I and many of my staff can shear a sheep we are not nearly as efficient as professional shearers and a professional shearer can probably shear a sheep in a ¼ of the time it would take me to shear a sheep. They are hard working - hard drinking men not to be trifled with. Even the cops grudgingly give them some respect. After supper the shearers were retiring two two to a room and a pump started. The underground water on the farm is very sulphurous and the water stinks (smells of rotten eggs) but is good for irrigation. The team captain had to separate two men, blades drawn, as the one had accused the other of farting. Meanwhile the malfeasant odour was actually wafting in from outside through the open window. The two men were still laughing the following morning when they related the story to me.
  3. 3kva  24v pwm voltronic power firmware UI-15-55 update file required download link please 

  4. Don't you need a PWM signal on yellow to make it work? My understanding without a signal the fan runs full tilt. With a 3 wire fan the 3rd wire I think is the tacho. Since I don't fiddle with PCs anymore I might be wrong.
  5. From full to totally discharged about 3 weeks. Remember to fuse the fan.(AC make sure there is a CB - DC make sure there is a fuse). This battery must not be part of a string of batteries unless you have an HA02 in which case you may get away with it but still not recommended.
  6. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

  7. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    The Synerji I had in my hands had a different firmware to Axpert. It is an Axpert clone rather than a rebranded Axpert.
  8. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    Sjoe big ask without any data. I found the Synerji to be a poor clone of the Axpert. According to your information the batteries should EASILY carry the load. The panels should also easily charge the batteries in one day (a sunny one of course). Give us some battery voltages and production figures from the panels and photographs.
  9. Wind Turbine Overview

    @LivSol thanks for the heads up. When I add a turbine I either am going to get one of @Energy's units or build a VAWT myself.
  10. Saving Water & Capture.

    Although not in SA an image that a school friend sent me. He does gutter replacements with a product called Gutterglove which prevents leaves settling in the gutters. Cheap way of storing water although it will test the efficiency of your plumbing ability.
  11. http://www.megasolarsa.com/wind-turbine-buyers-information/
  12. What I want to know what aspect of his Victron system made the client so cross as to crash into his solar shed .

    If Program 23 is enabled then the unit should go into bypass mode if there is an overload (Error 7).
  14. Battery lugs and terminals

    Crucified..... Cable termination is a weak point in terms of current flow. If you have a 35mm2 cable for instance that now has to conduct through a flat surface which has less than ½ the cross-sectional area of the cable. When aluminium cabling was common aluminium lugs were a weak point due to the formation of Al2O3. A couple of washers is a bad idea.
  15. way off base... which truck to get???

    If it is only 300 kg kg then a bakkie would be fine. We have squeezed 26 solar panels (72 cell) into a VW Caddy. I am not up with Caddy specs but apparently one model has a slightly larger load area.