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    Infini 10 kW Inverter

    Morning Chaps Now before TTT spills his morning coffee - no I have not bought a 10kW Infini. I have had an enquiry directly to my profile. Not sure how it works but it is there. Voltronics model "Infini 10kW inverter" has issue. When solar energy is enough to provide power to load and charge battery thy an inverter is constantly consumes 250 watt from Grid or utility.This problem is exist in all infini model....How can we resolve this problem???? This problem exist when we run inverter in "grid relay connected mode"........ Manie, SuperDIY and others can you help?
  2. Chris Hobson

    CSIR battery

  3. HI Leonc quick post as I have hunting clients here. Do you have a communication cable between Pylons and ICC device?
  4. Chris Hobson


    I think @plonkster knows the owner.
  5. Chris Hobson

    Land Expropriation without Compensation - Truth and Fake News

    Same two clowns look like they are headed to Hungary now. https://rightoftheright.com/hungary-welcomes-white-south-africans-fleeing-black-violence/ They don't have the look of folk that work outdoors.
  6. Chris Hobson

    UPS and Solar battery choice

    Each battery module comes with its own interconnect cables and communication cables. One has to order one cable pack per Pylontech stack (R295 VAT incl.). The modules are R14350 VAT incl. The neatest way of installing them is inside a 19" server cabinet. A client of mine has made a rack using square tubing. Otherwise the is a bracket system for mounting 2 Pylontech modules which is a little over R400. Jip both Infinisolars and Axperts are on the compatible inverter list. Victron, Goodwe, Studer and Imeon are also on the list.
  7. Chris Hobson

    UPS and Solar battery choice

    Pylon have their own BMS and Axperts are one of the approved inverters to be paired up with a Pylontech.
  8. Chris Hobson

    Facial Recognition

    This truly off topic but nevertheless I found it interesting. https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/facial-recognition-technology-some-of-todays-most-interesting-uses/
  9. Chris Hobson

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Over the weekend there was cable-theft related outage in Irene affecting 1500 homes. We just don't hear about it.
  10. Chris Hobson

    Extra solar panels Axpert

    Welcome Colin Most SCCs can be oversized by 20-30%. I have 3kW of panels and was considering installing a 5th string to take me to 3.75kW of PV. I have bought a 2nd Axpert so in a effort to have a more robust system I am going to parallel the 2 inverters and put 1500W of panels on the second inverter so I have abandoned the idea. Solar systems in Australia and the US are often oversized for the very reasons you present and in some cases legislation limits them to the size of inverter one may install. The only South African I know of who has oversized an Axpert's array is @Sidewinder who had 3750kW of PV. As far as I know it was very successful but he too has expanded and paralleled two Axperts . I wonder if @Sidewinderand @viper_za are distantly related?
  11. Chris Hobson

    Victron BMV 702 - No Power?

    There is a TTT fairy (related to the Sandman) that comes and sprinkles it at night. Sorry I OD on kid's movies over the weekend. Looks Like this weekend is going a repeat process with the cold weather on the way.
  12. Chris Hobson

    Victron SCC.

    @plonkster and @The Terrible Triplett can rub their hands in glee. I am going to definitely look into charging my batteries via a Victron SCC. There are a myriad of advantages and only a couple of drawbacks, other than the paint peeling off the walls from the fallout of having both Voltronic and Victron product mounted on said surface. The Axpert's Solar Power Balance will no longer be active but with a potential 75A going to the batteries it does not matter. ICC does not cater for Victron and I would lose some production data. (I am sure this can be easily remedied.) ?????? I cannot think of any other negatives. So the Victron boys what am I overlooking?
  13. Chris Hobson

    Land Expropriation without Compensation - Truth and Fake News

    Hmm I doubt this is a legitimate website. Author is either a one article wonder from Russia or the true identity of the author is South African and deliberately obfuscated. That been said several of my wealthier farming friends have invested in Georgia.
  14. Chris Hobson

    Victron SCC.

    same as what I experienced with the Axpert and AGMs and Axpert and Pylons.
  15. Chris Hobson

    Victron SCC.

    In my case Victron and Voltronic are accepted partners for Pylontech. From discussion it seems the Victron is also prone to overvoltage (something that I know the Voltronic does). My solution is to run the Pylons 0.2V below the recommended 53.2V - a trick I learnt from our favourite Blue Goto Guy.
  16. Chris Hobson

    Victron SCC.

    I have canned the idea. The Vicron kit is just too expensive. I would need a 250V 100A unit which is north of R10k. I will go with doubling up the home run and two combiners. As soon as I complete my additions I will be totally off-grid. I will still be able to charge via the gennie but my battery bank should be large enough to go through the night with 30-40% SOC on Lithium's which is going to be a wonderful experience. If I had gone through with the Victron SCC the Victron, Axperts and battery bus bar would in effect be the same node so on would be using Solar rather than battery during the day. I would lose the Axpert's Solar balance capability but with the Lithiums able to accept 100A it would not be a major consideration as my loads would invariably be below 5000W.
  17. Chris Hobson

    Goodwe ES 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter (4.6KW Backup)

    I have had trouble but the Wifi is weak where the install is. Addition: There is a youtube video on how to connect. If you still have trouble I will assist.
  18. Chris Hobson

    Mecer 5kva inverters - want to run in 'SUB' mode

    Any discharge greater than 1C is thought of as "fast discharge" . Anything below 0.5C is considered "slow" so I would try stay below 0.5C.
  19. Chris Hobson

    Mecer 5kva inverters - want to run in 'SUB' mode

    The inverter does not switch from solar to battery. Battery power augments solar power depending on load. As other have already mentioned running large loads off battery power (especially a small battery bank) does not make any sense. Your batteries are not going to last long. The heat from the rapid discharge is going to prematurely age your batteries (Karoo farmers' skin undergoes a similar process in the sun). Are you not on SOL perhaps? Perhaps you should get a copy of Manie's ICC software and you could then schedule your switching from utility to solar and ensure that you are on utility when you run the oven in the evening and also when you run the aircon in the morning. With the small battery bank I would want to keep it charged in case of power interuption. So solar during the day and utility at night.
  20. Chris Hobson

    Patched firmware based on version 73.00

    @Coulomb and @weber changed the text a bit to make it more readable. Some of the 7 segment script is difficult to implement (the letter M was one of the ones they had trouble with).
  21. Chris Hobson

    Axperts in parallel

    Ok lads a silly request from me. I am busy planning the install of a 2nd Axpert to go in parallel with my 3 year old inverter. I have an inverter that is a month older than my current machine (the ideal partner). I find the parallel cables untidy and would like to put them into trunking along with all the extra cabling. I am planning on using trunking with two channels to separate DC and AC cabling. My observation it that most of the cabling can be accommodated in trunking running horizontally below the inverter but the battery cables run vertically. My clients generally ask for GTIs or hybrids and a couple of single Axperts so this is not something I have thought through. Those of you who have multiple Axperts could I ask you please to post photos of your inverter installs. Anyone used slotted trunking?
  22. Chris Hobson

    midpoint panic

    That is not even legend. An ANC councillor in Queenstown
  23. Chris Hobson

    Axperts in parallel

    So my local electrical wholesale shop cannot supply dual trunking where each compartment is of equal size. No problem I see that a 40x25mm trunking fits very nicely into a 100x40mm trunking.
  24. Chris Hobson

    midpoint panic

    The max of the HA02 is 10A. The max of the HA01 is 5A.