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  1. SilverNodashi

    Infinisolar not reading PylonTech SOC

    So, revisiting this issue. At another installation, with 3x new 5KW Axpert inverters, each with 2x Pylontech batteries, the inverters run quite long (depending on the load) and drained the batteries to 80% SOC until theuy shut down Yet, the 3x Infinisolar Inverters run for about 7 minutes and then shut down. The screens were completely off. Yet, on the batteries, all the LED's are still lit. The inverters shut off at 48.3V / 29% SOC. Could it really be a case of the ADC not reading the Volt, or Ampere of the batteries properly? Would a firmware update fix this, if one is available?
  2. SilverNodashi

    Draft Nersa Regulation

    eish. In school, a friend's dad used to lick his index finger and touch light bulb wires to check for electricity. I prefer to play it safe and always check with the volt meter, as well as a "Electric Voltage Tester". I live once
  3. SilverNodashi

    Infinisolar and 3 phase rotation issue

    which do you use that don't care about the sequence? SMA?
  4. SilverNodashi

    Draft Nersa Regulation

    As strange as it sounds, I know some gensets don't cut out with a deadmans wire to the grid. Have seen it happen once when someone forgot to switch off the main isolator, couldn't understand why the genie was running at full speed with no load on. My one friend sells and installs big gensets and he one told me a story where they were called out to fix a genset installed by someone else. For some odd reason, once the grid comes back on the genset would "blow". Long story short, the change over switch was wired incorrectly and the genset was feeding back to the grid. So they called the original installed to come "explain the wiring" - the guy reckoned "no, the wiring is correct, if it was in fact feeding back to the grid, it would kill someone and he'll prove it by touching the grid side, which shouldn't have power since it was load shedding." He got electrocuted on the spot. Sadly, his brother then took over the company, and apparently he knew even less than his now deceased brother.
  5. SilverNodashi

    Infinisolar and 3 phase rotation issue

    It's a client's lodge, so only visitors come there. The client has spoken to one of the city engineers about the matter, but somehow came to the conclusion that 3x single phase inverters would be better in the long run so this wouldn't cause a problem anymore, and if one phase's load is too high it wouldn't drain the batteries of the other two phases unnecessarily.
  6. SilverNodashi

    Axpert error code 58

    I know what it does, hence the rolling eyes emoticon
  7. SilverNodashi

    Axpert VM III

    By the sounds of it, it's a grid tie inverter, which means you can connect more than one to the grid, like you do with Goodwe. But that's just a wild guess.
  8. SilverNodashi

    Trees Planted to Block out Heat from Sun

    just don't plant them where they'll affect your PV array
  9. SilverNodashi

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    how many kwh will it produce, once built?
  10. SilverNodashi

    Draft Nersa Regulation

    My uncle works for one of the state departments, mentioned over the weekend two of their electricians were killed on the wire, probably cause someone had a genset on and fed power back to the grid. The regulation has a lot todo with safety and compliance
  11. SilverNodashi

    Axpert Inverter MOV burned

    You might want to clean the inverter out, while it's open.
  12. SilverNodashi

    Tapatalk. Would you Like it on Forum?

    Don't have it, don't use, wouldn't make any difference to me, but if you want to install it go for it.
  13. SilverNodashi

    Flat Earthers!

    So they go to bed hungry?
  14. SilverNodashi

    Axpert error code 58

    "==" ?
  15. SilverNodashi

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    If the whole grid were shut down, it could take 2 months to start it again. And if they were to shutdown uncontrolled, it could snap of bend some generator shafts