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  1. Thermal IP Cameras!

    I would never buy, or freely acquire a CAT phone again in my life. We brought 6 CAT S50 phones a few years ago and they all broke. My wife's fell off the bed and the screen shattered in a thousand pieces. 2 of them have a broken SIM card slot and the other's also broke their screens. When I contacted support they gave me nothing. Nada. Buggeroll support. Yet my Sony, Huawei and Samsung endure a lot of punishment on a regular basis and don't break like this.
  2. Plug Watt Meter

    Thanx, I'll check it out. R2K isn't a lot, at least it's not R45k The only difference is, those meters need to be installed in a DB, which isn't always possible without adding another DB. A clamp type would have been preferable but I have yet to find one. So, now to order one of these, and another Pi and see how it works
  3. Plug Watt Meter

    Aha, ok. Do you know of any cost effective (aka not Fluke) clamp type meters, with logging? I don't want to leave Fluke meters with clients for a few weeks and this one will only measure the plugged in appliance's energy usage.
  4. Plug Watt Meter

    Which Efergy meter do you have?
  5. Local repair of InfiniSolar 10K

    Ask Mustek for a quote?
  6. Thermal IP Cameras!

    My thoughts: Yes, they are pricey. Can't wait for it to be more affordable
  7. Axpert error code 90

    Bonanzatech generally sells Mustek stuff, so it's probably the firmware that's the culprit
  8. To all those considering Lithium batteries read this

    While on the topic of "all those considering Lithium batteries", just keep in mind that Lithium batteries are not the best option if you have big motors on the system. Big motors often draw a lot more energy than rated, which can shoot past the safe discharge rate of Lithium Batteries.
  9. Shattered panel fix

    I often see panels like this at suppliers. Often happen on the ships at rought seas.
  10. DIN VDE 0126-1-1

    Do you have any documentation on this? Is there an updated compatible inverter list?
  11. Current Water Affairs.

    I heard Cape Town got rain again?
  12. Install the inverter + Panels + batteries in the same location and run an AC cable to where you need it. At 100m, with 16A per phase on 3Phase/220V per phase, you'll be looking at about 3.29V drop on a 10mm2 wire. Or 5.44V on a 6mm2 wire. 6mm2 3phase wire cost about R50/meter, so say R1000-R1300 there and back.
  13. Plug Watt Meter

    Keep in mind most of these meters don't measure true RMS. i.e. it won't measure, or know about the Power Factor, and the VA values will be different from the Watt values.
  14. The value of a good monitoring system

    You'd be surprised how many such simple mistakes are made, often.
  15. New Fridge/Cooling Technology

    Yes, camp fridges are very economical to run, but very expensive and too small for the average home use. I used to run a camp fridge off a battery and solar panel for a long time but it simply got too small for our use