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  1. Axpert Output Problems

    Are you still having problems? how did you clean the cooling fans? What error does it give?
  2. DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    please send me some more details about your battery pack?
  3. Yes you can oversize your PV array a bit, as long as the Voc of your panels don't exceed your MPPT Voc. I usually leave 20% headroom in this area. ISC can be a bit higher than the max, since the MPPT will only draw the ameperge that's needed. For safety, match you PV fuses with the MPPT's max rating + 20%
  4. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Your installation is not very safe. I would never commission an installation like this. In this game, safety is of uttermost importance. Get a fuse. This is a must-have requirement. DC current is not as forgiving a AC current and a short on those cables will lead to a fire. Make sure the fuse & fuse holder is rated for DC, and oversize the fuse by 20% (or thereabouts) Get an isolator - though this is optional, but makes it a bit easier to switch on & off when needed. The Isolator also need to be DC rated. Make sure your PV isolator and fused are DC rated as well.
  5. Grid tie without battery backup question

    Yes, I meant that sunnyisland, not sunnyboy. At the scale you mention, a small lithium battery will obviously be more cost effective.
  6. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    Yes. Yes.
  7. Surge Protection For Solar Panels

    I prefer using Type I + II (Type 1 + 2) surge arrestors. They are far more expensive than the normal Type 2 surge arrestors, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
  8. Don’t send your Bitcoin Cash to Luno

    Agreed! I've sent BTC and ETH to and from Luno many times. Just make sure you got the right address.
  9. Newbie needs advise on stand alone system please

    I have run 235W and 255W panels together, purely cause "that's all there was" for a long time. In parallel, it will default to the lower amperage. In serial, it won't matter much, but the total voltage will be the sum of the panel's voltages. It is not ideal but will work if that is what you have to work with
  10. Newbie needs advise on stand alone system please

    You get 10mm2 as well.
  11. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    I can do the installation, will PM you my contact details.
  12. Ironically they were designed with marine usage in mind.
  13. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    mustek could also repair it.
  14. Axpert MKS 5kva Power-Cycling in OFF position

    Agreed. Many inverters will still operate, at least to charge the batteries, when the PV and batteries are connected. Switching it off generally only stops AC output. Some inverters though have a battery and PV isolator if you want to disconnect / switch off those as well.