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    Lithium Battery for Axpert MKS Plus 3kva 24v

    Did you know the Pylontech has reverse polarity protection? Nice, ne!
  2. that's cheap! But as said before, it's cheaper to add 20% or 30% more PV than use a tracker. Unless real estate is a problem, i.e. too little roof / lawn space
  3. Hi, Has anyone used longer communication cables between 3 or 4 Infinisolar 4Kw inverters? Due to existing wiring and equipment on the wall, I had to space the 3 inverters a bit more than the minimum recommended distance. But now the comms cable and current sharing cable is too short between the first and last inverter, by about 30cm. I can make all 3 current sharing cables longer, but the 15pin D sub comms cable is factory made. Has anyone joined two of these D-sub cables, and it worked fine? Or gotmlonger cables somewhere? I haven't tested the pin layout yet to see if it will stay the same when two are connected.
  4. I don't favor cutting and joining cables like this, especially with something as sensitive as this. Generally, problems later arise from the joints. But I found someone in Benoni who's going to make me some longer cables, and will test them next week and report back.
  5. SilverNodashi

    Lithium Battery for Axpert MKS Plus 3kva 24v

    Hi Chris, The Pylontechs and BlueNova batteries only introduced a BMS compatible with Axpert inverters in the past 8 months or so. What to get in future? Let's see what's available then
  6. SilverNodashi

    Lithium Battery for Axpert MKS Plus 3kva 24v

    Yes the Voltronic inverters cannot communicate with the Pylontech, but they do work.
  7. those were the exact words the lady on the radio used And, yes, sadly, well all end up paying for everything somehow. Take e-tolls, everyone is paying more taxes and VAT now that it's "scrapped". In the end "the house always wins", or rather the powerful and greedy always win
  8. SilverNodashi

    Lithium Battery for Axpert MKS Plus 3kva 24v

    The Pylontechs will work, and I think bluenova as well.
  9. I heard, on the radio last night that Nersa has taken this away for private use. There's not documentation on their website about it though so I'm not too sure how legit it is.
  10. Many people in a professional industry don't know how to manage social media properly, and though that doesn't mean their workmanship is bad, I agree with the OP, the installer should not have liked or commented on their own post. Even if it's their marketing person / team / "cousin" posting the feed. Most large commercial installations are done this way, rows and rows of panels right next to each other. Once on the roof, with that many panels, you often realized that roof space is always too limited and they have no other choice but to pack them very tightly. I have leaned on solar panels before, but not stood on them. Many panels are rated at 5400Pa snow load, which is 112lb/Ft or 116Kg/m2. Some roofs can't even handle that. Perhaps, are you say, put some plants over it?
  11. SilverNodashi

    The future in inverter software

    I doubt that it will work in South Africa since most municipalities have their own schedules and rates. Some have the same rates throughout the day and seasons, while other have different rates. And for Tesla to know they, they need to know all the municipalities' rates, and reprogram all the inverters in those areas accordingly. Allowing the end user, or installer solves the problem somewhat
  12. yes, I could probably go that route - but hoping to find a ready made-up cable instead. OR, want to know if anyone has done this and ran into problems?
  13. SilverNodashi

    Axpert 5KVA No Batteries?

    8kw at R30k is a steal! Is it 2nd hand?
  14. SilverNodashi

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    What's your thoughts on BOYD?
  15. SilverNodashi

    My Broadband

  16. Some interesting reading: http://pqrs.co.za/nersa_rules_for_pv_systems/
  17. SilverNodashi

    home ups, no pv; suggestions?

    now that changes things a bit But I think you have enough info to make a decision. IF you decide to go the Axpert (or other cheap inverter) route, you have the added bonus of running it off solar during the day.
  18. SilverNodashi

    Wind Turbine Overview

    Me, and quite of a few of his clients first hand experience was pure theft. Some clients payd, a few hundred thousand for equipment which was never delivered. We would have done the installations but had to tell the clients, red faced, that I don't know where the equipment is, or when it will arrive. Defamation of character? Bank statements, emails and "invoices" don't lie.
  19. SilverNodashi

    Thermal IP Cameras!

    Yes you do but they're super expensive. To fit a thermal camera to my DJI Phantom 3 will set me back R110K!
  20. SilverNodashi

    battery charger for agm, what, where, $?

    CTEK makes some nice battery chargers that charge AGM as well, but they're pricey. The D250S, for example, can run off a solar panel as well.
  21. SilverNodashi

    home ups, no pv; suggestions?

    This helps a lot Lights and fridges don't need expensive UPS to run a long time. Light can run off a cheap modifified sinewave inverter + battery. And modern fridges as well. Or if you want to go pure sinewave, don't bother with stuff like online UPS's or any fancy expensive names. BUT, a fridge can draw a lot more current that what UPS's are designed for, especially if the door is opened / closed a lot. The PC's on the other hand could benefit from a separate UPS, if the battery bank you already have is insufficient. Routers / switches / etc als don't need expensive UPS, in fact, I would run them off their own battery if / where possible, and charge the battery from solar / eskom as needed.
  22. SilverNodashi

    watch how they produce batteries

    definitely not a job I want
  23. SilverNodashi

    Facial Recognition

    very fascinating indeed.
  24. SilverNodashi

    on grid but battery still looses power

    Check this out:
  25. I am actually lost for words on this.... where will the corruption and greed ever stop??