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  1. @TTT I am afraid we won't see that in our lifetimes
  2. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/draft-rules-require-solar-pv-backup-generators-to-be-registered-2018-5 ANC wants to charge us for using the sun and the wind. I wander when they will start charging us for the air we breathe !
  3. ibiza


    the cup is for your granny!
  4. ibiza

    Multi strings

    Update of my multi strings 7:20 12+3 panels 98.2V 578w 12 panels 89.1v 262w 12:00 12+3 panels 84v 1986w 12 panels 74v 2108w 16;00 12+3 panels 79v 1007w 12 panels 85v 636w
  5. ibiza

    Multi strings

    @SolarNoob thanks for the chart. I am even more encouraged with your and Plonkster's charts and Chris's post to go that way. Thanks to all of you.
  6. ibiza

    Multi strings

    Yes @plonkster it does illustrate well. Hope the east facing panels does the same but in opposite direction. Thanks for the charts.
  7. ibiza

    Multi strings

    Do you have a knowledge of how much longer it is or what are the "working hours " these days?
  8. ibiza

    Multi strings

    Wow, how do they perform ?
  9. ibiza

    Multi strings

    I will continue as soon as weather clears
  10. ibiza

    Multi strings

    I am sorry for the joke, I did not know about your wife. My reason to reply to the post starter's question was to tell that there is no issue with multi orientation of panels. At least I do not have any problem. My aim was to see how much power I can count on putting whole Array to face east and another to face west cause I am lacking power in the early morning and in the late afternoon. My first idea was to build a solar tracker which is extremely simple to do but decided to erect a new roof on the part of the house where is a flat roof now and where all the panels are installed . The new one will face east-west with enough space to accommodate 12+12 panels.
  11. ibiza

    Multi strings

    That's what the slaves are for, aren't they?
  12. ibiza

    Multi strings

    we simply couldn't stop chatting! As you can see @Chris Hobson is still slipping. It was very interesting subject we were discussing.
  13. ibiza

    Multi strings

    Now at 7:00 15 panels array is producing 572w at 101.9v 12 panels array is producing 209w at 83v 12:00 15 panels array is producing 2209w at 84v 12 panels array is producing 2371w at 74v I will edit this post at and at 15:30
  14. ibiza

    Multi strings

    @Chris Hobson Yes I have 3 Axperts. All of them has 12x 250W arrays plus to one of them I added 3 same type of panels that faces east.
  15. ibiza

    Multi strings

    I am not sure I understand you. If I leave only three east facing panels running I can compare to 12 panels of another array and see how east facing panels are efficient. Do you agree with that or not?