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  1. Mark

    digital thermometer placing

    I have some of these so they don't have a tip as such...
  2. Mark

    best practice for absence

    You guys are brave... slate the "problem areas" when they can't hear/read...
  3. Mark

    Cycling batteries when not in use?

    I think you need to leave the Axpert on but you can switch off mains breaker between the Axpert and the load. Regards Mark
  4. Mark

    Axpert 5Kw Switching On Delay

    I think you got a steal there @Chris Hobson
  5. Was admiring this piece of blue kit today and spotted something interesting (a worry actually) in the video... See if you can spot it... clue attached... Great piece of kit and I love the additional screen addon.
  6. Mark

    Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100

    Ja... is the roof in SA?
  7. Mark

    bmv 702

    Very nice bank... we are all very envious... I would set bulk to the highest setting 58.4 and float to 54.4 and then each axpert to charge @ 20A (- I think highest @25A) so 120A to 125A max (both AC and PV). I think we all agree hat 10% charge rate of max capacity, so 128.8A for your bank. That bank needs serious amps to get it to a full charge! Obviously check water levels regularly, I would expect to see a nice bubbling of the electrolyte Check the cable spec... can it handle 120A (they look ok...) @Chris Hobson what do you think! Regards Mark
  8. Mark

    LiFePo4 Cells 38120

    3.2V * 16 cells = 51.2 V @ 10ah So 300ah = 480 cells @ 330 = R158 400 without the bms, cables, fuses etc. Are my calcuations correct? Pylontech's for me I guess 6x 14000 = R84000...
  9. Even having water can be an issue... we in Grahamstown found out the hard way last week... http://www.grocotts.co.za/2018/05/25/makana-failed-us-outcry-over-water-risk/ So having backup water isn't a choice I think its a requirement. Even if just to allow you to treat muni water yourself!
  10. Mark

    SOLVED - partial pv display axpert 5kva...

    AussieView Manual.txt Thanks guys... very nice functionality!! You will like this @Chris Hobson
  11. The other argument against trackers (given the cheap prices of panels) is to just have more panels in 2 strings facing sunrise and sunset (or NE and NW).
  12. NERSA may be backtracking on this... http://www.nersa.org.za/Admin/Document/Editor/file/News and Publications/Media Releases Statements/Media Statement - Consultation Paper on Small-Scale Embedded Generation.pdf Seems they will be reissuing the a new amended SSEG. Search for @chrisyelland on twitter. This may be excellent news!
  13. Mark

    BMV702 battery monitor

    Does the voltage recover after the hair dryer, etc without running the gennie?... I would trust the BMV and see how things go... 48.8V and 81% maybe the best you will do with old batteries (per @plonkster previous post).
  14. Mark

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    When I have the money this is the way I'll go... Chris and I speak regularly but sadly we see each other seldom... He is also keen on the PT's and I like your setup. I do almost the same with the Infini 3+ but just don't have the batteries yet. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers Mark
  15. Mark

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    Hi again @SolarNoob Looks like the PylonTech's are treating you well. Are you off grid and if not how much do you use of the Grid to top up and when. I would love to go the PylonTech route but have more load than I think 4x PT's will handle... but then I compare myself on PVO I see you seem to handle fine PS: My performance is low as I don't use my batteries at all... just float them off PV during the day... I have what @Chris Hobson and others call a "draadkar or el cheapo" set of 12V 100ah Excis ... Regards Mark
  16. Mark

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    @SolarNoob Do you upload to PVOutput? It would be really nice to see your output and efficiency especially with the Pylontechs charging in the morning! Thanks Mark
  17. Mark

    BMV702 battery monitor

    Nice. Keep us updated... yes the BMV will autocalibrate but only from a known point therefore the manual zero start point.
  18. Mark

    BMV702 battery monitor

    Hi Colin The key is calibration with the BMV. Have you checked the calibrated settings...bank ah, etc? Also make sure the unit is zero'ed under no load... ie with inverter and all other loads off (leave for some minutes so the bank can stabilise. I made that mistake myself at one stage. Then see how she goes... Regards Mark
  19. @Chris Hobson Please tell... please... please
  20. Mark

    problem with infini 3kw

    Hi @Chris Hobsonand @shahzad I am using Solarpower V1.10 and my setup works fine. My power management is displayed with all the options. Can you try the V1.1 version and see if this makes a difference. Regards Mark
  21. Hi All I am finally at 30 outputs on PVOutput . I have created a "Southern Africa" team, feel free to join it if you use PVOutput. http://pvoutput.org/listteam.jsp?tid=1102 (Join or Leave Team under graph) Regards Mark
  22. Mark

    One year's off grid solar production

    @Sidewinder PVO gives you the option of creating a "Parent" System and then depending on how you choose to monitor the inverters you can publish each inverter to a separate child system. The parent then consolidates the data and the children can be view separately. A pain to set up but works well. Regards Mark
  23. Mark

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    One of my friends brother was fiddling with a small PV system with old laptop batteries... don't have technical details so can't comment on what happened but in short... his house (the whole thing) burnt down in November! ... the wife just managed to get out in time. They lost everything! So rather more careful than not... if you watch the HBPW and the other Auzzy guys they all have a battery shed apart from the main house - for good reason.
  24. Mark

    Panel (Array) ventilation

    String 1: NE facing roof top of "n" String 2: NW facing roof "n's" right leg You will then have the best of both worlds - morning, midday and evening power generation! My 2c Mark
  25. Mark

    One year's off grid solar production

    Sonstrall wakes up when the sun hits the panels and switches his PC or starts his PVO feed... he then misses a good few hours power usage and therefore the efficiency is excellent. Easy to do