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    6x300W Yingli, 3x 300W Enersol, 8x150Ah T1275 Trojans, JSM 6kVA Inverter, Microcare 60A & 40A MPPTs. Lister 8/1 Hoffberg 5kVA 220V/48V Alternator. 800W Wind Turbine.

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  1. DeepBass9

    Time for solar panels

    With regards to the reliability of solar panels, has anyone ever had panels fail? I have small 50W and 100W panles used for 12V lights that have been in use for about 10 years, have been moved from here to there and still are fine as far as I can tell. Not sure which brand though.
  2. Hmmm, yes. etolls...
  3. That's why since there is no rubbish removal or municipal dump here in NW (side of the road doesn't count), I take all my rubbish to the dump in GP, over the provincial border. Thanks guys (and Supra)!
  4. Panels are so cheap there is no point seems to be the consensus opinion. The additional cost and complexity of a tracker would be more than adding a few extra panels to get the same effect.
  5. That 0.08c/kWh would cost me about R30-R40 per month/
  6. Interesting. Wikipedia says that 31% of their energy is imported, so it makes sense to generate as much as possible locally : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_in_California
  7. So at 12:20, 77% of rated capacity for 35 degree array, 45% for flat array. Quite a difference! The flat array will start producing later and finish earlier so to total production will be even less.
  8. About 35 degrees is optimal for Pretoria. I can give an actual reading of the difference as I have one array at 35 degrees and one flat (actually slightly south), so right now (10:30am ) I am getting 59% of rated capacity from the 35 degree one, and 41% of rated capacity from the flat one. I'll take another reading at local noon, which is 12:20 here.
  9. Back to my original point though, is that the information gathered would be useful to forecast future energy demand from Eskom. Maybe a few simple questions on the population census form would be way easier though: Are you off grid? Do you intend going off gird in the near future? Grid tied installations can be monitored through the municipalities.
  10. Does NERSA have the personnel to police this? Currently they deal with Eskom and other large users and producers. Are they now seriously going to go round squatter camps and try to register people charging batteries with solar panels, spy over garden walls to catch 'illegal producers', what about those little solar lights people put in their gardens, now illegal without registration? They will have to put in a lower limit to exempt domestic systems, otherwise it will go the way of etolls. Grid tied domestic producers are a resource that should be encouraged, not red taped out of existence.
  11. Hmm, starting to regret cutting down my eskom poles. I should have left them standing so I appear 'on grid'.
  12. OUTA has taken up this issue if you want to object : https://www.outa.co.za/new-tax-2/
  13. DeepBass9

    Disposing of old batteries

    That would be electric battery locos, not cars.
  14. DeepBass9

    Running a 900w poolpump

    Are you referring to a variable speed drive? You can get them for borehole pumps where you use a normal pump and solar panels, and the VSD figures out what to do with the power.