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    6x300W Yingli, 3x 300W Enersol, 8x150Ah T1275 Trojans, JSM 6kVA Inverter, Microcare 60A & 40A MPPTs. Lister 8/1 Hoffberg 5kVA 220V/48V Alternator. 800W Wind Turbine.

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  1. Lightning Strike

    Do you think it was a direct strike on your house, or a nearby strike that came down the power or phone lines?
  2. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    I really feel for you guys. About 2 years ago it was drought here and our borehole was almost dry. We only managed to get a few hundred litres a day out of it. Had to drive to neighbours with stronger borehole and fill up the firefighter tank 650l at a time to fill our water tanks. Difficult. Hopefully winter brings good rains.
  3. Hmm, can also explain why people think that Capies are always a bit slower in the morning!
  4. That's because SA is a single time zone so the sun gets up earlier in the east and later in the west. Well spotted! I was trying to find a website with this data on, but when I installed my system I figured out that local noon here is 12:20. True noon at 12 is at 30 degrees east, around Pietermarizburg. South africa stretches over about 15 degrees of longitude, so there should be a variance of about 1 hour between the extreme east and west of the country (15 deg * 24 hrs = 360 deg). so every degree you are west of 30E, noon will be 4 minutes later.
  5. New to solar need a LOT of advice...

    I run my fridge and freezer on a timer so they are off overnight when they are not opened. I try to keep them full (even if it is just waterbottles) to give a bit more thermal mass to prevent the temperature from rising too much
  6. New to solar need a LOT of advice...

    Have a look here, this is my experience :
  7. I am posting this to help with system sizing for people considering going off grid. This is one years monthly production figures. The system size is as follows: Generation 3000W solar array, two separate arrays of 6x300W and 4x300W panels, through separate MPPTs. Fixed angle installation, 1800W at 30deg north, and 1200W essentially flat (roofs dictate the angles) Diesel generator for backup. Wind generator (I can't measure this but I guess it makes 1or 2 kwH per month depending on wind) Solar geysers (no electrical backup) Load Household of 4, normal fridge, freezer, washing machine, computers etc etc. Water pumping from borehole, pool pump (2hrs in winter, 6hrs in summer). Gas stove for cooking, wood fires for heating. Storage 8x150Ah Trojans, currently 2.5 years old. I have been measuring the montly production for a year now since I upgraded the system to 3000W. Note that the graph is more of consumption rather that production as the batteries float on most sunny days, so there is excess production mostly. If the weather is overcast I run the generator, rather than stress the batteries, especially in winter I run the generator for an hour or so in the morning to power toaster, microwave etc before the sun is up. The seasonal effect is obvious on the graph, the pool pump is used more in summer which accounts for some of the extra power consumption, I'm not sure what all of the other extra consumption might be, I think we are getting less frugal with power use as time goes by and we are used to the system, so we vary from about 300kWh per month in winter, to almost 450kWh in summer. Solar efficiency varies from around 3 in winter to 4.5 in summer (kW produced/kW installed per day). Diesel use peaks in May & June as would be expected, you often get overcast days in May. So here's the figures, I hope someone will find this useful.
  8. Lithium mine in Namibia

    Not a mine yet, just a prospecting right and a dream.....
  9. Electric Tractor Conversion

    Another thought is that once I have a big mobile battery pack, I can attach an inverter to it and use it for power tools etc, so there is no need to use a generator.
  10. Electric Tractor Conversion

    I'll keep my eyes open for a tractor, this sounds like it could work!
  11. Electric Tractor Conversion

    Ok, on the more 'modern' tractors the engine is an integral part of the tractor, but a real oldie like that DB or a Farmall might be just the trick. A 10kw motor would be fine for light work like moving things around. You would need quite a few batteries though, probably 200 Ah at 48V at least for an hour or 2 run time.
  12. Electric Tractor Conversion

    Golf cart motor : http://www.electricmotorsport.com/me1202-brushless-motor-24-72v-5000rpm-10-kw-cont-24-kw-pk.html And maybe some golf cart batteries (which brand would that be?) And I'm in business......
  13. Electric Tractor Conversion

    So in theory all that is required is a donor tractor, a suitable electic motor, and a bunch of batteries. You could take the top end off the engine and the diesel tank to make space for batteries, and then somehow connect the electric motor to the crank, maybe on the flywheel ring gear?
  14. Electric Tractor Conversion

    Non running tractors are easy to come by a quick gumtree search gives : https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-farm-vehicles-equipment/east-london/fordson-major-for-sale/1002157562220910663844909 Or https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-farm-vehicles-equipment/pietermaritzburg/mitsubishi-250d-4wd-diesel/1002162526820910823886909 https://www.olx.co.za/item/1051949153 https://www.olx.co.za/item/1051156862 Etc
  15. Electric Tractor Conversion

    I wasn,t thinking necessarily of fitting the panels to the tractor, just charging it from solar . I'm not the first person with this idea though :