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  1. Questions before buying

    @The Terrible Triplett Ag nee TTT jy moet eers lees wat Plonkster se man
  2. Panel (Array) ventilation

    Most people leave home early so having lots of morning power not as good as being able to use a little more solar when you get back after work
  3. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    @PurePower Do the batteries connect to the inverter for any communication?
  4. Amended Electricity Regulation Act (ERA)

    Seems like this needs the same treatment e-tolls get.
  5. 1 August hard fork?

    From what batch did you get this? (Think they on number 4 now)
  6. system specs

    For your 300l it would be way too small
  7. PVT is it more efficient than PV?

    Remember to add the MPPT still probably looking at the 150/60 around another 8k x 3 for you then?
  8. system specs

    @maxomill http://powerforum.co.za/settings/signature/
  9. Water heating calculation

    Trek jou been. You have been against this way forever that's why
  10. Water heating calculation

    Been playing with the idea to add a prefeed geyser 50 liters with maybe a 500w or also a 1kw element to turn on once the main geyser is at max temp. Should also help out with some more hot water but the work required to install another geyser and redo a little bit of plumbing is keeping me away from this
  11. Water heating calculation

    @gabriel I have a bit of trickery getting mine to work like this. Timer for winter is set to heat from 9:00 to 15:00 and in summer from 8:00 to 16:00 but it's not as easy as that. I have mine connected to a relay that is controlled by the readings from my BMV and Inverter. On the BMV side it monitors the battery watts and voltages and inverter it checks to see what stage of charging I'm in to kind of predict excess power I should have available depending on voltage needed to maintain that stage. This seems to be working perfect in detecting clouds and not starting the geyser when they are still blocking the sun. Don't want to heat my water with my batts. This is still a work in progress in trying to find a better way to control when I hit the float stage as voltage change and reaching that voltage on a full battery does fool it even with clouds. PS Did not want to invest in some fancy light monitor Edit Normally water is heated at around 13:00 to the max the controller allows
  12. Water heating calculation

    So not true. Needed to heat my water with Eskom only 4 times this year rest all done with my PV.... Plus running my dishwasher of PV now isn't that nice Edit Realy would like to know how many days on avg does solar geysers not work at all?
  13. Dishwashers?

    Got a defy inverter type unit. On eco mode it heats 2 times. 15 minutes the first run and 10 the second one. Uses around 1800w on the heating phase. One thing I picked up the one day is it actually heated for n 3rd time, thought I had it on a different mode and left it at that. Then a month or two later noticed that 3rd spike again and remembered the rinse aid light was on and I did not fill it up. Turns out it detects that and does a kind of "steam" cycle to help the drying to prevent water marks when rinse aid is not available.
  14. Axpert MPPT vs Victron MPPT

    Not both but Axpert vs Eskom https://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/808222-Axpert-MKS-5Kva-inverter-firmware-upgrade?styleid=42 Linked this somewhere before but cant find it now
  15. Victron users feedback

    @Chris Hobson @plonkster Just remember he is using a Axpert 3kva 24v plus - Mecer brand not the 48v so components I suspect won't be the same