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  1. Haven't even touched my inverter since the last firmware update I did and that was 2 years ago and no it's not blue
  2. Excess solar to heat water

    It monitors the temp rise, if the geyser does not climb in temp while the element is on it will log a fault on the screen. For this error the geyserwise is configured to continue even in fault condition occurs (from the factory)
  3. Which batteries to install?

    @Ridiq I don't see you using a BMV? If you don't have that you will never know when your batteries are truly fully charged. You cannot trust the SOC reading from the Axpert as it is only based on a voltage reading.
  4. I don't have the same meter, but what I found is that mine does not work on all the plug circuits anymore like before I had my inverter. Maybe you can try different plug circuits.
  5. @The Terrible Triplett Ag nee TTT jy moet eers lees wat Plonkster se man
  6. Panel (Array) ventilation

    Most people leave home early so having lots of morning power not as good as being able to use a little more solar when you get back after work
  7. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    @PurePower Do the batteries connect to the inverter for any communication?
  8. Amended Electricity Regulation Act (ERA)

    Seems like this needs the same treatment e-tolls get.
  9. 1 August hard fork?

    From what batch did you get this? (Think they on number 4 now)
  10. system specs

    For your 300l it would be way too small
  11. PVT is it more efficient than PV?

    Remember to add the MPPT still probably looking at the 150/60 around another 8k x 3 for you then?
  12. system specs

    @maxomill http://powerforum.co.za/settings/signature/
  13. Water heating calculation

    Trek jou been. You have been against this way forever that's why
  14. Water heating calculation

    Been playing with the idea to add a prefeed geyser 50 liters with maybe a 500w or also a 1kw element to turn on once the main geyser is at max temp. Should also help out with some more hot water but the work required to install another geyser and redo a little bit of plumbing is keeping me away from this