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  1. viper_za

    Extra solar panels Axpert

    hmmmmm My system is ready for the next 3 panels. When I installed the last 3 I already prepped the cables fuses, mountings etc for the next 3 (This was over a year ago) All I need to do is buy mount and connect, should be less than an hours worth of work. Will maybe do it in the next two months
  2. viper_za

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    We just need a "Camel" for Voltronic now
  3. viper_za

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Onthou net die 20% markup minimum
  4. viper_za

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Do you really think they care or think that much ahead? I however don't think they will let it get that far out of hand, they just needed a reason to introduce load shedding and the staff striking gave them that "fall guy" Yes that's why they are so far in the red. Can you imagine the uprising if the people were to get pay cuts?
  5. viper_za

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    I have another theory on this. Rumors have been going around that Eskom is not able to supply enough power and that Diesel generators have been used since January to meet the demand. We all know they need something like 20 billion again to cover some loans. Now they have two problems not enough to meet demand and they need massive increases in tariffs to cover the loans. Management knows this and comes up with a brilliant plan. We are having supply issues on the power side (bad quality coal etc) and we almost need to start load shedding but we need someone to blame for it. Easy offer 0% increase as they know it will bring a huge uprising and still stand at the plants etc <---- Load shedding reason ticked This 0% also looks good for trying to cut down expenses but we all know this is Africa and unions wont let this happen even if you need 20bil bailout. Then you get the fear of load shedding and some magic bailout occurs or we do get the steep tariff increases as Eskom cannot go down.
  6. viper_za

    The future in inverter software

    Talking about this
  7. Haven't even touched my inverter since the last firmware update I did and that was 2 years ago and no it's not blue
  8. viper_za

    Excess solar to heat water

    It monitors the temp rise, if the geyser does not climb in temp while the element is on it will log a fault on the screen. For this error the geyserwise is configured to continue even in fault condition occurs (from the factory)
  9. viper_za

    Which batteries to install?

    @Ridiq I don't see you using a BMV? If you don't have that you will never know when your batteries are truly fully charged. You cannot trust the SOC reading from the Axpert as it is only based on a voltage reading.
  10. I don't have the same meter, but what I found is that mine does not work on all the plug circuits anymore like before I had my inverter. Maybe you can try different plug circuits.
  11. @The Terrible Triplett Ag nee TTT jy moet eers lees wat Plonkster se man
  12. viper_za

    Panel (Array) ventilation

    Most people leave home early so having lots of morning power not as good as being able to use a little more solar when you get back after work
  13. viper_za

    Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    @PurePower Do the batteries connect to the inverter for any communication?
  14. viper_za

    Amended Electricity Regulation Act (ERA)

    Seems like this needs the same treatment e-tolls get.