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Please help me find my complete solar installation

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Good evening all forum members.

I have a strange request. Please keep a lookout for the following items that were unlawfully taken and sold:

  • 9 x 300/310Wp PV panels (Renesola)
  • 9 x  180Wp PV panels
  •  1 x IMEON 3.6 Hybrid smart inverter
  • 40 x NF300 Nickel-Iron alkaline battery cells, connectors, cables and glands
  • "GEWISS" distribution board with isolators, 100A battery fuses, circuit breakers, earth leakage unit
  • box with manual change-over switch
  • PV solar cable in different lengths
  • disc type kWh meter

Please inform me if you know anything about this and contact me with any info. Johann Holtzhausen, Mobile:072 592 3485 (or WhatsApp).

Thank you guys!



Bonnievale- EEN BANK VAN 9 PANELE.jpg

Bonnievale- TWEEDE BANK VAN 9 PANELE.jpg


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Eish, that's why I phoned up the Insurance guys and specified my system, even when I just added more panels! Doesn't make a huge difference in the premium in relation to the house.

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16 minutes ago, DeepBass9 said:

What happened? 'Unlawfully taken'? Not stolen?

It's in the category of your business rental lease ending and the landlord selling your stuff without giving you a chance to remove it. Not exactly though... it's best he tell you himself.

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