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IMEON 3.6 Support & Assitance

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I was trolling the net on some Questions and I stumbled on this WONDERFUL Forum. I hope you gents would be so kind to either point me in the correct direction or share some info to assist with issues at hand.


Assistance required with the following:


Are  there updates, Where can I download, and how is it done.

Error records:

I have did hear the  inverter logs errors/faults/ anomalies records on the unit.How do I retrieve this for analyses.

IMEON Manage software:

Updates and where do I retrieve this updates. I have V2.2 . Manual on setup guide for this unit by "qualified" or "trained" personal. 

Warranty Issues:

Do we have to deal with France, They want EURO's . Do we have a choice/ alternative support structure for SA.

Repairs out of Warranty:

Any one in SA qualified to do this.


Thanks Guys I appreciate any help regarding this brand.








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