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need help finding Full schematics for pip 4048

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Hi everyone . I live in far north New Zealand and have recently acquired 4x 250w panels , 8x 225ah 6v deep cycle batteries and 2 dead pip 4048 inverter/chargers.

I am looking for Full schematics for the pip 4048

I think i have found some schematics in a posting on this forum. however been a newbie i can not download any thing yet until i have posted 5 times.

if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated   :)

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Thankyou  for the quick response. i have gotten bits and pieces of shems from Coulomb's posts but not what i am looking for . 

the download i am looking at is , Axpert service manuals 1.0.0 by  vandyh

I am hoping it what i need .

For an Inverter that has been ripped off ,re-spun  renamed and yet very popular there is not much detailed info apart from this forum

cheers :)

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Hi Kiore

PM your e-mail address and I will send you what I have.

Have a look at the Aussie AEVA site (go to the lounge) there is an incredibly long PIP 4048 thread where Coulomb and Weber often  post portion of the schematics.

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9 hours ago, The Terrible Triplett said:

Welcome kiore22.

@Coulomb may be able to help?

Alas, no, I'm not aware of any complete schematics, and with the clone makers being so bold, I suspect they don't want to publish more than they already have. 

That's why I have done my own tracing whenever I've needed to work on a particular area.

However, I'd love to be proven wrong on this, and have someone post better schematics. 

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Hi Coulomb,  thanks for the reply .

  I have 2 different models of inverter the  4kv with cooling fins on top (old model i think ) and 5kv i brought on the real cheap that blew up at a work place many year ago (smaller newer model).

It appears only the SCC is different between them  , (firmware and extra mosfets  aside that is,... i guess )  the 5kva is the scrapper for parts as it is corroded away it sections  . i have no history of the 4kv given to me dead . many smd parts were shorted / suspect so i am in the process of ordering new components ( pwm controllers  ect) im going in deep this thing won't beat me just yet.  :)

I have no boot (lights, lcd ,beeps at all ) SMPS 'ish area is my guess .

Just trying to get my head around the inner workings .


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