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Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

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10 hours ago, Chris Hobson said:

We sometimes breach 54V (when my BMV sounds an alarm) but we do not get to 54.5V

Your batteries are cycled daily. In contrast, in Europe there are many sites that keep the batteries charged (at 100% all the time) while feeding all the excess into the grid. It makes more sense for them. After some days, the battery appears to become super highly charged. Where it gets extra interesting is in countries that also mandate a maximum allowed feed-in current, so sometimes you cannot feed all the excess in.

The idea of not charging to 100% is actually not new. Many laptops have a utility for setting a lower level, to hold the battery at a lower charge level while on AC. When you need the full capacity, for example when traveling, you schedule a full charge.

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11 hours ago, Chris Hobson said:

Lovely analogy

I was going to use a Cape Town/Windhoek analogy, because I know that road well and I've travelled it by road completely alone in a single day on more than one occasion. I initially thought it is a bit like when you reach Rehoboth... and you have only 80km to go. Truth be told though... that 80km takes FOREVER (after spending 14+ hours on the road). So that's like the reverse of what I wanted to say :-)

Fastest time I ever did from Windhoek to Stellenbosch: 11 hours 45 minutes. Distance is around 1500km. Driving through the night, in a VW MK1 sport (with the 1800cc engine). In my defense, I wasn't driving my own car and I had to follow another driver... when I finally reached the destination the other car had been waiting for me a whole 30 minutes. I don't even want to know how fast he was going.

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