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R1200 Hydraulic Crimping Tool - Three- D Heavy Duty

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I bought this for my own installation, used it once with intention to make more cables up and never did. Works like a charm.

R1200 or nearest offer. 

THREE-D HP-240 Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimper with Dies in Carry Case

Product Description:

HP-240 is a hand-operated hydraulic crimping tool, designed with Bolt-Locked H Type Head, quick speed pumping, 10 pairs dies, pressure release button, used to crimp Cu/AL cable lugs and connectors (16-240mm2)


1. Applicable for Crimping Cu and Al connectors onto cables. Can be widely used in electric transmission and distribution job, make work easy and fast.
2. H-Type Crimping Head for easily change crimping dies, no other tools are required: Removing Bolt------Sliding Dies-----Inserting Bolt
3. 10 pairs crimping dies are attached for precise crimping: Select proper dies according to the application
4. With quick speed unit, dies move quickly with ram advancement during no load condition, ensure quick crimping operation


1. Crimping Capacity: 16-240mm2
2. Crimping Style: Hexagon
3. Output: 12T RAM Stroke: 18mm
4. Standard Dies: 10 pairs 16 25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240mm2
5. Equipped with quick speed unit
6. Package: Packed with Plastic Case for easy carrying
7. Size: 490*130*70mm
8. Weight: 3.8kg

** EFT only, it's paid for when I see it in my account.
** No cheques, promises, laybuys or COD. **
** Either inspect & collect yourself, or pay to have it couriered to you.**
** If Couriered, I send it as is or there will a postage and packaging fee **








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Hi, sorry I missed you yesterday.  I'm in Claremont Cape Town. Quite near the racecourse if you know the area.


083 604 0107

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HI @Gregstah, looks like the earliest I'd be able to do anything would be next weekend. In the mean time, leave it up for sale and if someone else wants it they are welcome to it, first come first serve and all :-)

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