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***The Beginning! - A Warm Night In February 2013 ***

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The Powerforum Public Online Discussion Forum - www.powerforum.co.za was established in 2013 to share knowledge. A lifetime of shared knowledge is invaluable. 
The goal was to create an open sharing platform that will encourage creativity and spark new ideas as well as to allow members of the public to make informed decisions before spending and investing large amounts of energy and capital installing solar as well as renewable energy products at their homes or offices.
Whether you are just beginning your journey towards energy independence or already have years of hard-won experience under your belt. Everyone is welcome on the Powerforum.
I have a passion for the Domestic Wind Turbines and Solar LED Lighting. It is my ethos to never make use of the forum for my own financial gain in anyway. 
The Power Forum Server costs, upkeep and platform are happily funded by myself. I hope it will be of good service to everyone. It is my magnum opus for all.
Jason Back



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