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now here is something i found hard as a newbie and still occasionally struggle with.


most newbies in matters solar electricity are not guys with a background in electricity, they are the common garden variety joe soap who want to save a few bucks or invest some retirement money in pv.

there was such a document which was compiled by @The Terrible Triplett, but it got lost and if found [it was on this forum and downloaded 55 times...] would surely be a sound foundation on which to expand.

so what i request is that a forum be created solely for the purpose of terminology - hey i mean we all have to speak the same lingo here, queensbury rules, no need for intense google searches and shyness to ask silly questions like 'what does it mean when my batteries are in float?' etc

'nuff said, you all now what i mean :)

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1 minute ago, Chris Hobson said:

@The Terrible Triplett 

Hi TTT you were the author and I have tried downloading your solar terminology doc and it is blank. Can you upload another copy.

Sadly I did not keep it and for the life of me I cannot recall the brain fart I had that day to re-list them all.

@Energy can you trace it, the doc that I posted here that got corrupted?

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Have a looking for it now :>

I do believe I can find wetkits Solar Panel mounting on my side. I do believe the error is on my side so sorry about that Gents and Ladies. When I upgrade the Forum Platform for new security updates it flushes out the files. In the future I will download them all and re-upload them after the upgrade- I take the forum security very seriously.

Thanks for all I promise to get them!

Hope this helps!


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Hi Guys. Just getting some help from my Database chaps ;) as below. Sorry about that . I will retrieve all the lost pictures as well. I will know how to security upgrades and keep files in the Future. Their reply as below.

Hi Jason Back, 

Thanks for contacting us. This is to confirm we have received your email and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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