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Solar and Cryptocurrencies

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Has someone made an analysis which could share about the Kwh necessary to produce per Bitcoin fraction? we have had a big interest by people on mining bitcoins and asked for systems to provide electricity but apparently cryptocurrencies require 24 hrs operations which make too expensive for mining.


Any advice on this analysis?



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I don't have any analysis. Mine runs on solar during the day and night to Eskom. I have 14 units running each between 3.2 to 6amps each, totalling 78amps per hour. My solar covers the day time in total with between 10 and 11kw per hour returned from the GTI. my return is around 84kwh per day. I don't believe anyone has the capital to run from a battery bank at night..

The moment i have a coin that does not perform well, it's either switch off the unit or change to another coin if possible.

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