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Average Wind Database South Africa

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Is there a free resource with approximate wind data for South Africa?


Similar to what exist for Global Solar Irradiation?





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Here we go sir: http://stel-apps.csir.co.za/wasa-img/WIND_ATLAS_GUIDE.pdf

If you get a bit stuck with the Google Earth Overlay give me a shout. I struggled a bit to get it working. It is amazing though. You can zoom in any where. 

It is however only for WC I believe.

Gents if I may promote my business after 5 years of keeping the forum up. hahah. I am a Pilot and I love any thing Propellers. I love wind Turbines. I am at www.pegasus-systems.co.za and some videos at : https://www.facebook.com/pegasussystems/

Wind Turbines are my passion. I see them as battery savers in the night (too Avoid deep discharges) and also very useful at the coast and valley mountain areas. I never recommend them if the ROI is to high when taking into account the saving on Battery and so.

I am terribly sorry for promoting my own business. Its against my ethos. But I love them very much. My margins are slim :>> . Dont go Zohaan! Go Pegasus! These machines are built for 20 years , with normal maintenance. Thanks guys for letting me post this.



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