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Inverters, Batteries and some odds

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Time to clean out my demo's etc, to fund my purchase of 2 x 5kw SMA Sunny Islands.

I have on my hands the following for sale:

1. Goodwe 5048 5kw 48volt True hybrid inverter.    -   In use at my home

2. Imeon 3.6 6kw 48volt true hybrid inverter.   -   on my wall at home for backup

3. Axpert 5kva MKS 48volt inverter.   -   in box.  -------SOLD

4. 4 x HM - 02 Battery balancers. -  

5. 1 Victron battery monitor BMV 702. --- SOLD

6. 10 x T1275 12volt Trojan batteries - used but still work-  SOLD

7. 4 x 105ah  deep cycle lead Vision VRLA batteries-  Given away

Open to offers on any or all of the above.....










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Hi Kobus,

i am in Yzerfontein Cape town,but couriers deliver anywhere in S.A......

Imeon 3.6 -  R15k

Goodwe  5048 - R20k



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