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HA02 wire length

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I just received a couple of HA02 balancers and the wires are not long enough. Is there any issue with lengthening them? Do all wires need to be the same length?

I just need to insert one foot (30cm) into the negative lead on the right side and one foot into the positive lead on the left side.

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Lengthening the wires should not be a problem. Of course when the balancer is working full tilt there will be a slight drop on the cable, but since the current redistribution is pretty much a function of how badly they are out of balance (which will never be perfectly the same) this variable drop is likely not accounted for in any case, even with the existing cables. I highly doubt it will matter.

Besides, when the batteries are in perfect balance, no current passes on the wires and the voltage drop will be insignificant. It's an entirely different scenario as the big fat ones that actually carry charging current!

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