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Victron Blue on Linux?



Hi all, Total noob here, not to solar but linux......

First off, I would like to appologize for draging this up again, but I am in a hurry and can't find the ***** post now, I know the MAIN person helpings name/ handel is Plonkster, so Plonkster if you could help it would be good, I've had my last straw with windows and am now on mint 18.3 Is there a way to run the VE connect for my invertor and the Victron connect app for my mppt and bmv on linux?

Also. I am using an arduino as a serial to USB between my mppt and bmv if that makes any diffarence. 

Regards Charles from Namibia

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There are a few programs on the Victron site which are Linux friendly.


We aren't using VE connect but a very simple data collector.


That required a little editing to suit our controller, and writes to a text file (in this case, on the server). From that text file some python magic puts it into cacti as graphs.

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