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New Batteries - And just in time...



So, remember I told you about the new batteries I was waiting for?

Well I got 8x 200Ah C10 batteries at an awesome price from @Mike here on this forum, so not only did he help me get a decent replacement invertor (the Imeon 3.6), but these batteries really came through. Again, these CybiPower RB200's are not perfect for the job, and there are a lot of better solutions out there, but at a price difference of over R40k, I had to take the cheaper option.

So after adding the battery balancers (HA-02) and making sure everything was balanced - spent a week making sure that all the batteries were balanced and set (PS: This is important before stressing your batteries). And then while I was working tonight I had the dreaded "Eskom is Dom" situation... Total area blackout...

I am currently writing this while these batteries are happily doing their job. After nearly 3 hours at 800W draw (we didn't do anything, since we wanted a real live test), the Victron 702 says we are still at a SOC of 89% and 9.5 hours left at this rate. The Imeon software needed to be tweaked in Pro mode though, since for some reason all the voltage readings are off by 2.2VDC. Even if you look at the Voltage, we are still sitting at 50.75V after 3hours.

Again it proves the point that the correct batteries are critical, and treat them well (see other blog entries). When the Metro power comes back I will provide more details as to the longevity and any hiccups I have overnight, but so far so good (and I am touching wood).

The Victron results are way off the Imeon's (which might explain other peoples issues with these Invertors), but I double checked and the BMV702 is correct, Imeon software is wrong.




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