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Axpert 5KVA MKS up in smoke



  • Hi all.

Yesterday morning my inverter went up in smoke. It was a cool day and still had 74% of usable battery life left under very low load.

When contacting the reseller I was told the unit is out of warrantee and I need to buy a new motherboard and have it repaired. This at a cost of +-  R5000 + shipping costs.

Has anyone managed to get support direct from Voltronic ( the manufacturer ) as I believe that after just under 2 years of use, this should not happen and I want to take it up with them. Need to understand what could cause this.

I attached a photo of the board and where it blew.

5KVA MKS .jpg


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2 hours ago, SilverNodashi said:

most manufacturers sadly won't do much beyond the standard warranty

Warranties are marketing tools. It's a vague indication of how long the manufacturer thinks it will last, but only vague.

My first go-to example is Sinotec televisions (in other markets they might be sold under a different name). They have a 5-year warranty. A large number of them fail, but they are cheap enough that the manufacturer still makes a profit after replacing the failed units.

My second example is paint: Paint may have a 7-year guarantee, but so few people send in the paperwork (or comply with the "applied by qualified personnel" requirement) that claim rates are extremely low...hence the 1% of claims they do get from that tiny pool within 7 years might be small compared to the extra sales they make by slapping the guarantee sticker on the tin!

So basically how they work is this: Bean-counter central will contact engineering-central and complain that too much money is lost in claims. Engineering then makes a tiny adjustment to make things last a little bit longer. If this drops the claim rate to a low enough level, nothing else is done beyond this point.


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