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Mix and Match



Ok, firstly my apologies - I didn't post immediately after my previous dilemma, nor have I posted in a while. My only excuse is that once I had my system working, my bosses got me back working... I really haven't had a gap in a long few months.

The good news though is that my new battery situation has worked brilliantly, and with minimal effort, and for a decent period... So hopefully this is good news to a new investor in the solar word.

My experience over the last 9? months or more, is that these batteries have been doing extremely well so far. Every month I check that they aren't overheating, I disconnect them and test them all, and swap them around a bit. They are heavy, at 63kg each, so not a simple task, but I think I have only done this 4 times in about 18 months. This has also just been for my peace of mind, not actually a recommendation.

I need to be 100% clear here, Lead Crystal batteries, even the great ones with all the extras I got, are not a perfect off-grid battery, in fact I don't think they are the best solution for Solar. Think about the battery in your alarm system or your gate motor, they die very quickly when abused, especially when you have to do this often. Some of the ways to keep your Lead Crystal batteries in shape is to not let them get abused (PS: Lead Cyrsytal batteries are probably what you have in your small home UPS).

So why are Lead Crystal batteries always used for your home appliance situation???
1. They are damn strong and are extremely difficult to abuse in comparison. You can tilt, lay on its side, pretty much do anything to a Lead Crystal battery and it won't misbehave.
2. Lead Crystal batteries are definately cheaper to supply. I am not an expert in commodities, but I can only assume that they are easier to get to market without the the hassles of Lead, Acids, Heavy Metals, Lithium, etc

So now I am complicating matters, because I just told you about the good points of a Lead Crystal battery, and now I keep telling you why you shouldn't use it?!?!

Everyone's environment and situation is different.
1. If you have the time and dedication to look after your batteries, step by step, and do it properly... Then you would be nuts not to go a full Trojan battery solution. You can get a lot of water feeders and support right here, and it is nearly close to to most affordable solution you can get.
2. If you have incredible capital and you have no interest in the time to regain profit, then drop the pretense and just go for a high end Pylontech solution for your solar. That kit is mind blowingly awesome, has incredible support (even from this community), but the cost is high even for a small install. (I breath funny when I hear the figures for my small house). It will work absolutely brilliantly, but as a cost exercise, you will horribly fail (even if Eskom quintuples their costs in the next few years)
3. If money is absolutely no object (like you Bill Gates or something), then go for Edison Batteries - We would pay off our soul, and even governments would battle to pay that cost, but an Eddison Ferrous Iron is not even the gold standard! It completely breaks all the rules. Seriously, even the car manufacturers are trying everything to reduce the cost of an Edison... It is still way out the game to be affordable right now.

Now lets' be realist, we are not fortune billionaires, and our minor impact may not mean much in the global scope of things... But if we don't do something, then we are part of the global problem. We don't have to be activists that run off to a march (that usually achieves nothing), but for now we can change how we live... And Solar is a part of that... Start small if you have to, with a small panel that you learn to use to power an alarms system, or a electric fence, or a gate motor+++ Many small ideas...

I am not an activist, or even someone who will go to silly marches, but I am determined to prove to myself and friends that this can work... Start off looking after yourself and your needs as best as possible, then you will know how to help others get to the same. You don't have to sell people on the idea, just show them how much you are doing or have achieved and its a proof of concept..

Solar Electricity is not the complete answer - It is a brilliant move, but it should really be about 3rd on your climate change priority list... Please see my next blog, that will relate to many things other than just electricity/power... KLEVA is always on a mission...

Goodnight all

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From what I heard, Lead Crystal Batteries are merely a variant of AGM (Absorbent glass mat). The mat holds the electrolyte in place, and that is why the batteries can be used in orientations other than right-side-up. In my opinion lead crystal batteries are merely very good AGMs.

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