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Imeon - Personal Pro's and Cons (Short Blog)



So, I have been using a second-hand Imeon 3.6 for just over a year now, so it's time to give my pro's and cons:


  • This unit has never failed to impress, and keeps completely within the rules defined
  • The quality of the product
  • It's ability to take small hits to well over it's specification (when asked by my wife's stove while no grid power)
  • (both Pro and Con) It's brilliant software management interface that gives you a fairly decent readout
  • When programmed right, you almost never have to touch it again
  • It is an on-grid system, so you can feed back if you have the right meter and need
  • It instantly "islands" itself when there is an error in the supply, without interruption


  • Being a French product, the software and configuration is not open
  • The connectors, whilst seemingly industry standard, are incredibly difficult to morph into an existing installation
  • (both Pro and Con) The software tool is proprietary, and there is no documentation on how to set up your own unit the first time (forced almost to use an installer)
  • Some of the voltages read by the system are way off by sometimes over 2VDC, even with short cables
  • Some weird supply issues make it through for a millisecond or two (it causes my internal UPS's to go nuts for a few seconds). But this is mostly the suppliers fault (like trying to feed me 360VAC or dropping the Earth - welcome to Pinetown)
  • Even if you have the installer codes and methods, it takes quite a while and a few attempts to set up correctly, especially with that weird 2V discrepancy at times
  • The proprietary interface means that you have not other means of talking to the unit, only the supplied software. This prevents all sort of programming alternatives and functionality (a big frustration for me)

All said and done, I got a damn decent price when I purchased the unit and it has survived the Pinetown power supply far better than the Axpert. I am happy with the purchase of the second-hand unit, but would definitely have chosen another product if purchasing new (sorry, have to say Victron, if you have the budget). One day when I am big, I might go Blue, but for now my budget hasn't allowed and this unit is doing an awesome job. Just get it set up properly, and make sure you are NOT using it's default voltage settings.




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