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King 5.48 inverter data log



Good evening I have two questions on the king 5kw OG-plus 5.48 inverter hope someone can help.

1) I have installed 2 inverters in parallel with 4 x 3.5KW pylon Batteries - my question is, do I need to split the data cable between the 2 inverters? I connected the data cable to the rs485 and bms port of my master inverter (setting 5 - PYL)  and do have communication. The slave inverter I set to USE and (12 - 48V) (13 - 51V) (26 and 27 - 53.2V) (29 - 47V)

2) how do I take a data log to see what happened through say the last 2 days? When I connect my laptop to the usb with a cell phone cable I can take a log but as soon as I disconnect the pc then I only have the information that I collected whilst connected, is there a way to get recordings through the day without the pc connected.  


Thank you in advanceOG-PLUS5_48.jpg.png.761871ac90d9fe6fbfc1183ee5c1a2fe.png


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