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king inverter data log



Good evening I have two questions on the king 5kw OG-plus 5.48 inverter hope someone can help.

1) I have installed 2 inverters in parallel with 4 x 3.5KW pylon Batteries - my question is, do I need to split the data cable between the 2 inverters? I connected the data cable to the rs485 and bms port of my master inverter (setting 5 - PYL)  and do have communication. The slave inverter I set to USE and (12 - 48V) (13 - 51V) (26 and 27 - 53.2V) (29 - 47V)

2) how do I take a data log to see what happened through say the last 2 days? When I connect my laptop to the usb with a cell phone cable I can take a log but as soon as I disconnect the pc then I only have the information that I collected whilst connected, is there a way to get recordings through the day without the pc connected.  


Thank you in advance 

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Inverter contains various circuits to automatically sense and tackle various situations that may occur when the inverter is running or in standby.This automaton section looks after conditions such as overload,over heat,low battery,over charge etc.Respective of the situation, the automation section may switch the battery to charging mode or switch OFF.The various conditions will be indicated to the operator by means of glowing LEDs or sounding alarms.In advanced inverters LCD screens are used to visually indicate the conditions.




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