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Parallel Axpert 5K with 2 x Pylon US3000



I have recently retrofitted 2 x Pylontech US3000's to a pair of Axpert 5K inverters wired and configured for parallel operation.  I referred to the Pylontech SOP document for installing with Voltronic Axpert inverters

Using this, I came up with the following :-

Item No.          Description                                 Setting Value
Program 02    Maximum charging current     70A
Program 05    Battery Type                               USE
Program 12    Back to grid voltage                  48V
Program 13    Back to battery voltage             51V
Program 26    Bulk charging voltage               53.2V
Program 27    Float charging voltage              53.2V
Program 29    Low DC cut-off voltage             47.5V

This seemed to work, except that the inverter would give a low battery alarm when there was plenty of charge left in the battery.  After some reading (on this site) I learned that the alarm occurs at 2V higher than the value used for Prog 29, so I set it to 45.5V.  It seemed that this might be too low, because after along bout of load-shedding,  seemingly the battery shut down before the inverter shut down.  Today, I raised it up to 46.5V.  There was a 4 hour load-shedding and after a short while the inverter alarm sounded although the batteries were still showing 4 out of 6 SOC LEDs on (about 65% SOC).

Can anyone assist with this?  I have not used the ICC solution because it was not budgeted for.  Any suggestions/improvements on the parameter settings shown above, in particular Prog 29 ?



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