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With the renewable energy industry being one of the industries that thrived despite a pandemic, it’s all eyes on solar at the moment. With the immense growth experienced over the past two years, not just in South Africa, but globally, there are so many rising trends in the industry. We want to focus on how these trends impact South Africa, not just because it’s our country, but because it’s the third-best in the world to convert to solar energy when looking at sun availability, or as the professionals like to call it – photovoltaic energy.

Here are 8 trends to watch out for in 2021:

1. South Africa’s solar industry will create more jobs

2. Geography matters 

3. The debate on the value of a solar system will continue

4. Banks are going to be putting more emphasis on renewable energy as a funding project

5. Traditional energy companies will include more renewable energy products

6. The rise of pricing for solar products from China 

7. Exponential growth of solar on farms

8. The demand for energy storage rises

Read the full article and details on these trends here: https://bit.ly/3elmGqM


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