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Earth Neutral Bond Installation Steps - Inverters with NO internal earth bond & No ATS240 (Clones and Cheaper Makes) 1.0.0

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With the assistance of @BritishRacingGreen, I have compiled the following document so that the step by step installation instructions exist for those who are experiencing Ghosting, floating Neutral during Load shedding. Noticed by a faint glow in lights even lights are turned off.

Ghosting = Experiencing during load shedding a Voltage potential between Earth and Neutral on the Output side of the inverter.

Hope you find the guide as useful as I did the great assistance from @BritishRacingGreen

Total time for installation and setup: 30 minutes

End result: 0V potential between Earth and Neutral during load shedding, same as during no load shedding - Ghosting gone.

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