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Esener 5.12kwh Wall Mount Lithium Battery Software 1.0.0

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Hi all

Esener batteries come packaged with a cable to allow you to access the battery's BMS, below is how to set it up if needed and attached is the computer software required.


ESENER lithium battery default and non default inverter brands selection and operation by host computer

4.1 Method 1:Communicate factory default inverters

Step1: Select the cables used by the inverter by the label on thecommunication cables.Insert the RJ45 connector of the battery end(CAN/RS485) and the inverter end(CAN/RS485) into the interfaces on both sides.

Step 2: Turn on the battery and inverter and wait until they are working properly. The battery is configured by factory default to communicate with the Voltronic (RS485) inverter and DEYE,Sunsynk, Esener (Luxpower, Sofar, TBB (CAN)inverters, the battery will automatically select and communicate with one of these inverters.

Step 3: After successful communication between battery and inverter, battery status will be displayed on inverter: voltage,current,SOC, temperature,

4.2 Method 2: Communicate optional inverters (protocol select) When communicating with other brands of inverters, such as: Growatt, Solax, Goodwe, Sorotech, LTW, MUST, SMA,etc.

Step 1: Turn on the battery, ensure BMS is normally powered on and not in sleep state, the RS232 crystal head of the communication cable is inserted into the
battery communication port, the USB end is inserted into the computer;

Step 2: Unzip the package of BMS monitoring software to the current computer(Windows Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above). This software does not need to
be installed independently, only the environment is satisfied, double click the main program icon(BMS exe file) to run
and use. Enter the password: vking.

Step 3: Click “Parameter” at the top of monitor system page, click “Read all” button to read battery parameter. Select the inverter protocol at “Protocol type ” eg: Darfon is Voltronic protocol. Click the “Write all” button to set the protocol,after the system displays the operation succeeds, protocol selection completes (Please refer to the sceenshot).

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