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  1. Kodak

    KODAK Solar Products

    Anyone looking for affordable, reliable photovoltaic (PV) system components needs to know about KODAK Solar Products.

    This brand provides an exceptional range of solar energy storage solutions for all energy requirements and installation sites, such as end-of-the-line locations with little to no grid stability, through its three off-grid inverter ranges and numerous battery models.

    Each of these products offers some of the top features on the market, including remote monitoring capabilities, battery management system (BMS) communications and enhanced protection against common faults, at a low price — ensuring everyone can access solar energy they can trust.

    Plus, KODAK Solar Products is expanding its portfolio to comprise new entry-level inverters, portable batteries and an all-in-one solution very soon...

    Learn more about the brand on the KODAK Solar Products website — and follow its Facebook at @KODAK Solar ZA, LinkedIn at @KODAKSolarZA and Twitter at @KodakSolarZA for updates!

  2. Solis


    With nearly 20 years of experience in the solar industry, Solis is one of the most reputable manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) solutions.

    The brand’s innovative approach to product development has helped curate its market-leading portfolio of energy management tools and single and three-phase inverters — and earned it numerous award wins over the years.

    Solis also champions sustainability, having been consistently praised for its commitment to corporate social responsibility and responsible business practices.

    So, if you are looking for tried and true PV system components, learn more about the brand on Solis’ website today.

    You can also follow Solis on Facebook at @SolisInverter, LinkedIn at @Solis and Twitter at Solis_Inverters!

  3. FoxEss


    Some of the world’s leading solar experts are behind FoxESS — and it shows.

    Since 2019, the brand has used its world-class research and development facilities to develop cutting-edge photovoltaic (PV) solutions, including single and three-phase inverters, lithium batteries and innovative hybrid solutions.

    Each FoxESS product is equipped with top-notch technologies providing high efficiencies, protection against common faults and ease of use, and The FoxESS Cloud enables convenient remote monitoring for ultimate peace of mind.

    This manufacturer has also recently released a 10-cubed pairing comprising its new KH10 inverter and EC2800 batteries, which boast 10-year warranties.

    Explore FoxESS’ website for more information and follow its Facebook at @Fox-ESS, LinkedIn at @Fox ESS and Twitter at @Fox_ESS_!

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  5. Hubble Lithium

    Hubble Lithium started developing Lithium solutions for UPS backup power and 3Phase systems in recent years and the natural progression moved towards solar backup due to demand. Software and solutions are designed in house with distribution warehouses in JHB and Cape Town with a strong focus on support and aftersales backup.

  6. Pegasus Wind Turbines   (6,315 visits to this link)

  7. Magneto Renewable Energy



    Magneto Renewable Energy is a trusted provider of market-leading green energy solutions, meticulously crafted to empower homeowners, commercial enterprises, and industrial businesses with reduced energy costs and a diminished carbon footprint. Our exceptional expertise in sourcing, logistics, and route-to-market ensures highly competitive pricing and unrivalled speed of delivery. With our comprehensive range of solar panels, energy management devices, and energy storage solutions, we eliminate the need for multiple suppliers. Leveraging our well-established logistics chain, we efficiently stock, manage, and distribute our premium products throughout South Africa.




    At Magneto Renewable Energy, we firmly believe that access to reliable power is a fundamental right. It fuels our ability to work, learn, cook, light our surroundings, heat or cool our spaces, and entertain ourselves. This belief fuels our commitment to providing a one-stop shop that offers cost-effective solutions for homeowners, commercial enterprises, and industrial businesses alike. As a company founded and backed by Tevo, the renowned creators of the best-selling Magneto LED Lantern, we are uniquely positioned to revolutionize the renewable energy sector.


    Our   comprehensive systems encompass solar panels, energy management devices, and energy storage solutions, eliminating the need to engage multiple suppliers. Our robust logistics chain empowers us to stock, manage, and distribute our exceptional products across South Africa, ensuring widespread access to high-quality renewable energy technology. We remain dedicated to providing unwavering support, allowing you to experience Power For Peace of Mind.


    Furthermore, we take pride in our extensive network of service and collection centres spread across seven provinces. This strategically placed infrastructure ensures that our customers have convenient access to our services and benefit from seamless product maintenance and assistance whenever required.


    Choose Magneto Renewable Energy as your trusted partner in forging a sustainable and empowered future. Together, let's harness the power of renewable energy to create a brighter tomorrow.


    Learn more here – www.magnetoenergy.co.za

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